Don’t give up too fast


So, let me tell you a little bit about myself. There really isn’t much to say anyway, seeing that I’ve only just started with daygame and considering that the main topic of this blog will be daygame, I will keep this short.

My name is Robin and I’m a German, born in South Africa and now I live in Calgary, Canada. I’m 23 years old and have never found it particularly easy to get on with woman. When I was 18 I read the Game by Neil Strauss and that just blew my mind. Nevertheless, it took me a long time to apply the things I had read about and to actually take action. I used to spend a lot of time on Pickup forums or just watch videos on Youtube, thinking my own personality would change just by doing that. Luckily, last year, I recognized that I had to change something about my circumstances, for instance, living in a small village in Bavaria. To get good at game, I had to consider moving to a big city, so that I could practice approaching woman on a regular basis. A lot of pickup gurus emphasize how important it is to be consistent when trying to learn game, but it took me a long time to realize that myself. The reason I didn’t just move to any big german city is that I wanted to also improve my English.

So here I am now in Calgary and so far I’ve had quite some success. In the beginning I needed a wing to push me through the approach anxiety, but after about a week of practice I was able to push myself into opening. The first number I got was on Stephen Avenue from a Calgarian lawyer. I had actually teased her of looking like an official lawyer because she was dressed all in black – quite a coincidence. I collected some more numbers that day and on the following days aswell, but she was the only girl to come out on a date with me. We went for a coffee at a café close to her place and walked along the Bow River. The date was about 50 minutes long and I told her I would invite her to a bar closer to my place next time, but she never texted me again. By the way, many of the lines I use are from a daygame coach called Tom Torero. I like his style of daygame a lot. It is is very smooth and calibrated.

If you disagree with anything I say, that’s fine. I don’t really feel like I know what I’m talking about, since I’m new to daygame. For me this blog is just about sharing my experiences.

On Monday I went out at 5pm to do ten approaches. Tom says, that’s all it really takes in the beginning. Ten approaches on three days of the week and one longer session of 20 approaches on the weekend for a total of 50 a week. So, according to his statistics, it takes a beginner about 100+ approaches for one lay. That means after two weeks, a beginner has a pretty good chance of getting laid! That’s about what happened to me on Monday. The first five approaches were kind of shit, I didn’t even really get a conversation going. They would just keep on walking after I had given them a compliment. Then a fast walking girl, we shall call her A, who had her eyes flashing all over the place passed me. I turned around to run after her and did the wheel of fortune (you run in front of a girl, leaving at least one arms length of space between you and her, a very masculine way of approaching) on her. After complimenting her good looks I accused her of looking like she was being chased by the police. She loved it. That’s also one of Tom’s lines by the way. He says it’s normal to use “scaffolding”, so lines, routines and made up stories in the beginning. Once one has gotten better, one can drop the scaffolding and start improvising more and more. Anyway, the approach went well and I invited A to have a coffee with me straight away. We walked to the next Starbucks and stayed there for half an hour. I should have probably pulled her to a bar straight after the coffee but in the moment I figured it would be best to just take her number and see her another time. After that, I did another three approaches and was just on fire from the i-date (instant date). I got a number from all three girls. A had said she was going to gym at 8:30 pm so I texted her to come and meet me at a bar close to my place after her workout. She said she wouldn’t get in if they were checking for ID’s because she was 17, but we could try anyway. I suggested going to my place if they didn’t let us in and she more or less agreed. I took that as a big IOI (indication of interest). So yeah, she came out, we tried our luck, didn’t get in and I bounced her straight to my place where I sealed the deal, like Tom would say. So who would have thought that my first lay from cold approaching would be a sdl (same day lay). Okay, to be honest, it was kind of easy with her. She didn’t give me shit once, no matter how far I would escalate physically. Tom says, there a three types of girls. No girls, maybe girls and yes girls. No girls will basically blow you off straight away. There’s nothing you can do about it, no matter how good your game is. Maybe girls are the ones the game is played on. This is where the hustler’s skillset comes in handy. Yes girls are just a present from god, without wanting to come across as religious. One out of a hundred girls is a yes girl and she’s just down to have sex with you, without you really having to put in much work. I guess I got lucky on Monday.

Ugh, I’m not used to writing this much, this is going to take a while to get used to.

On Wednesday I tried to do another ten approaches and this time I had a wing joining me. He’s also very new to daygame and still had massive anxiety doing the front stop or wheel of fortune as Tom calls it. So he really just practiced that all evening. Tom calls them “Hit and run”. You stop a girl, give her a compliment and wish her nice day. Really simple, but very effective to get over the aa (approach anxiety). By the end he was actually doing really well. We had to practice the front stop on each other a couple of times because most girls would just keep on walking when he’d stop them. But after that they stopped and listened to the compliment at least.

This is where I get down to why it is important to not give up too fast. I went out alone today, which I’m actually greatful for, since I seem to get better results when I daygame alone. I find that when I’m with a wing, I’ll often make excuses not to approach and rather push the wing into approaching. The downside is of course that one has nobody to pick one up, when one’s having a bit of a down phase and that is precisely what I had today. I started on 17th Avenue. Most girls wouldn’t stop at all or just keep on walking after the compliment. The fifth or sixth girl however was a big moral boost. She was extremely hot and smiling as she walked past me. As I ran after her and did the front stop, she kind of had an expression on her face as if she knew what I was going to say. I opened direct and told her she looked like she goes on holiday often because she had a nice tan. I accused her of having a fake tan and tried to rub it off her arm, which she liked. That is also one of Tom’s moves. I kept on making more observations and guesses and got her to talk about herself more but she just didn’t start asking me questions, which would be the hook point. I didn’t know what to say anymore and called out the elephant in the room which she kind of used as a reason to escape the conversation. I tried to get her number anyway but she said she was only here for another week and that she had too much work to grab a coffee sometime. So I let her go, but at least she was really friendly throughout the whole conversation and I got to practice some talking. I was slowly working my way up to Stephen Avenue in Downtown where I hoped to have more success but the next few girls just kept running off after the compliment. By the time I reached Stephen Ave I had done nine approaches and was getting ready to do more than ten today, because Tom says to always try and finish a session on a high, since that’s the last thing one will remember when going out the next time. But once again I got lucky on my tenth appraoch. A cute asian, 19-year old, business student. I made fun of her oversized disco glasses which she enjoyed. I number closed her and headed back home on a high. The number close didn’t feel very solid, but then again the first nc with the lawyer also didn’t and she was the only girl to come out on a date so far.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that even if you’re having a really bad day and you’re not really getting any positive responses, just hang in there. On some days it just takes a bit longer than on other days. Tom always says, the name of the game is persistancy. Just keep on doing those ten approaches and you will have success. When I started on Monday, I wouldn’t have even dreamed of having a sdl on that day. On Wednesday however, I didn’t even do ten approaches or get a number. You’re success in daygame won’t be liniar. You’ll constantly have ups and downs. Two steps forward, one step back. Just learn to embrace the whole process I guess and you’ll start too see the downphases as something completely normal. They actually make those small moments of success feel even better.

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