You’re gonna have some pretty bad days

Today I went out with a wing I met through a forum ( He had approached a girl on the c-train and got her out on a date, which probably boosted him morally and made him want to start doing daygame on a regular basis. For any of you beginners out there, just like me, I can only give you the advice to find a wing for your first couple of daygame sessions. Even just trying to do one approach on your own is going to feel like jumping in front of a train. You won’t do it, trust me. I stopped counting the times I used to drive to Munich for a session and just ended up strolling along the streets for two hours without even talking to one girl. Your wing is just going to make everything way easier. You talk to a girl, then he does, then you again and so on until both of you have each done ten approaches. You’ll want to do an approach when you see him do one, just to not feel like a looser. You can even just give the girl a compliment and eject straight away, that way you don’t have to fear about not knowing what to say and can just concentrate on getting over the approach anxiety. That’s basically what I did for at least two weeks and I still start the sessions off with a couple of hit and runs, just to loosen up. Watch this video if you want to get started with daygame: Beginner’s guide to daygame. And listen to this when you’re going out to give solo daygame your first shot: Audio Coaching Tom Torero. Eventually guys, you’re going to want to start approaching on your own. You’re going to be on the date alone, while you’re texting, and while you’re having good times in bed 😉 so you might as well start daygaming alone aswell. Besides, you won’t have to share the girls on the street with your wing and YOU can choose where you want to daygame.


So today it was me and my wing. We started off on 17th Ave around Tomkins Park and walked down eastwards. A few hit and runs and we were good to go. My wing actually got his first number rather soon and was in a pretty good state from then on. It wasn’t going well for me unfortunately. Girls would leave after the direct opener or I wouldn’t know what to say after half a minute and then they would leave. It carried on like that until we hit 8th Avenue on 4th Street. I saw a cute, blonde girl with a leopard dress walk past us and opened her on autopilot. I said she looked very German with her blonde hair and blue eyes. I nearly got it right – she was Austrian. Now this is where I made a mistake. Instead of taking the topic she gave me (Austrian) and vibing on it, I kept on stacking (making more observations and accusations). This is about my biggest problem at the moment. Just being able to take the topic and talk about it. I actually just forget to do it, it’s not that I wouldn’t want to do it, but I just forget. We kept on talking for a bit until she used a short moment of silence as an excuse to walk off. She still said I seemed to be a very nice guy and asked me what my name was, but when I told her I’d like to take her for a coffee she didn’t want to give me her number. A lot of mixed signals right there, which I still don’t really understand. So that was about the most successful interaction of the day for me.

I guess me and my wing made a mistake by leaving Stephen Avenue to check out the path along Bow River and Kensington Road, because there just weren’t many single girls walking around there. By the time we got to the north side of the river, we had lost our entire momentum and on top of that still took a break at Starbucks. Neither of us had any good sets after that, it was just a lot of walking and standing around. My wing stopped after ten sets, which was a new record for him and I gave up after twelve, although I wanted to finish on a high. He suggested having a beer and that sounded just a lot better than carrying on getting rejected. So guys, rather stay in crowded areas and walk through them a couple of times if they’re small, than taking long walks to other crowded areas or taking long breaks. It’s just going to kill your whole vibe. In addition to that we spent over four hours on the session, way too much for a total of 22 approaches! Keep it short and intense.

So yeah, Monday was a great day obviously. Yesterday wasn’t too bad. And then you’re going to have days like today with just no success at all! It’s one hell of a rollercoaster ride, that’s for sure. But remember, these bad moments will make you appreciate the good moments even more. I think I wrote something similar yesterday, but still it’s important!

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