Don’t be lazy (like me)

So yesterday I was supposed to do ten approaches. I drove my bike down to Stephen Avenue and opened an asian looking girl after locking it up. It’s important not to leave too much time between arriving at the location and opening your first set, because the anxiety will grow with every minute. Just dive right into it. It’s like jumping into a cold lake. It stings at first, but the longer you do it, the more comfortable you get.

She seemed cheerful and happy as I approached her. At some point she mumbled something about being Chinese and looking for her auntie and it was so hard to understand her. You know how Chinese English can sound like. The conversation didn’t last very long and she had to get going but it wasn’t so bad for a first set I guess.

I soon saw a blonde girl with a white top and blue jeans standing at the traffic light. As she crossed the street I ran over to her side and stopped her just as she arrived on the other side. I think I’ve gotta start recoding these sets, I can hardly remember what I actually said. All I know is that she told me her English wasn’t good because she was french, and kept on walking.

Next up was a brunette girl carrying a whole bunch of weird stuff around. A carpet, a few buckets of paint and some long sticks. I think I called her an art student. She said she was going to use the stuff for a kid’s game which she was about to build up on Stephen Avenue. She was kind of uncomfortable and kept on walking.

My first number close for the day was a South American dark haired girl standing in front of a gym. I never know if it’s a good sign when girls start asking questions very early. I think I had done one stack on where she was from and she immediately asked me the same thing. In Canada I get the feeling that girls just don’t want to come across as unfriendly, so they fake being interested in you. Maybe I’m wrong. I’ll see if she answers my opening text. I also keep the interactions too short, that must be another reason why most numbers flake. Girls get the feeling that I’m just another player. Really gotta start recording sets.

Yeah guys, this is where I got really lazy and just went home. After only four approaches I was sick and tired of the hustle. I have to mention though that I was very busy applying for jobs the entire afternoon. After finishing my resume and printing it out at the UPS store, I walked along 17th avenue, asked in 31 stores, bars, restaurants, if they were hiring and managed to drop off 20 resumes. So that took me over 2 hours and was also very exhausting. But maybe I’m just making excuses, you tell me.

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