It’s over

My first daygame relationship has already come to an end. It was short and sweet one could say. On our third date I introduced her to slacklining, a sport I’ve been doing for several years. She had a lot of fun, just as me, and the date felt really comfortable, but that was probably the mistake I had made from the beginning. She was never just a fuckbuddy. On every date we did something fun together before hopping into bed. So it’s no wonder she came up with THE question as we were lying in bed on our third date. By THE question I mean: “Are we in a relationship now?” I can’t remember if she framed it exactly that way, but the topic was clear. So I gave her the man to woman talk, just as Tom says one should do and explained to her why we can’t have a relationship and what I’m looking for. At least she was happy that I was honest, but she wasn’t down for sex that night. I politely kicked her out and that was that. The next day she wrote me a long message, explaining how greatful she was for the experience she had with me, but that she couldn’t keep on seeing someone who doesn’t plan on sticking around. I fully agree with her, it’s just a shame that it had to end so soon. Now I’m once again a man with no leads who has to throw himself out into the harsh and cold world of daygame.

And that is precisely what I did today. The statistics were six approaches and three number closes. Sounds good, but my number flake rate is currently still very high. Of all the numbers I’ve gotten so far, only one girl has come out on a date. So there’s definitely still a lot of work to be done on my daygame skillset. Good news nevertheless: As of today, I have done over 100 cold approaches in my life. It’s funny thinking back to my time in Germany when I wasn’t able to do one hit and run! In Tom’s audio coaching guide he congratulates the student in the end after having done his first ten approaches. He says: “You my friend have today done more cold approaches than the average man in his whole life!” Amazing, right?

So let’s go through the six approaches today. My first set was an asian girl (my god are there many asian girls in Canada) standing at a traffic light. Classic hit ‘n run, gave her the compliment and said I liked her coffee cup. It was huge – 3/4 of a litre must have fit in there! Anyway, short and sweet, just to loosen up.

The next girl was sitting on a bench cross-legged with her eyes closed. She obviously looked like she was meditating but it was a weird place to do so, right in front of a street with heavy traffic. It was an ideal topic to tease her on. She loved it and I only managed to get one stack down before her two friends arrived. I didn’t know what to do, having hardly no experience with groups, so I just asked her for her number in front of her friends. They both giggled and stepped away as she gave it to me. Such a short interaction, it’s probably gonna flake.

Next up was kind of a weird girl wearing a dress which looked like a school uniform from the 70s. She didn’t seem relaxed at all and walked off after a couple of stacks.

The fourth chick I front stopped as she was getting closer to a intersection. I don’t know if I’m on to something here but maybe it makes sense stopping girls before they cross the road, rather than after they’ve crossed the road, since they’ll be stopping to wait for a green light anyway. So their brain is already prepared to stop when you come along. I’m probably just over-analyzing. She was wearing pants which reminded me of a clown, so that was my first accusation. Otherwise just the usual stacks until she hooked. I can’t say exactly how long the conversation went but I’m guessing it was over five minutes. I got her number.

Number five was an indian girl with a lot of bags. I accused her of having done everything today, shopping, sport, work. She laughed but said she had to go and left.

The last set was a tattooed girl sitting outside a café. She had her feet up on another chair, so I said she looks so comfortable, this must be her second home. I said I liked her tattoo on her arm (it was completely covered), to which she replied that her legs were full aswell, but she had long pants on so I couldn’t see them. Is that an IOI? It took a long time before she hooked by asking me what my name was, but it was definitely worth it. She was the prettiest of all the girls I had opened. We definitely spoke longer than five minutes so I’m hoping she’ll answer my text. I probably should have just asked her if I could sit down and have a drink with her right there!

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