Blogging on 17th Avenue

This is nice. I’m sitting on 17th Avenue, drinking a coffee and am able to write a blog. Modern technology makes it possible. I’ve got some catching up to do. The last couple of days have really been full of new experiences. Approaches, dates, instant dates… No lays unfortunately, but that could change this evening. Perhaps I’m meeting a girl I stopped yesterday and took out on an instant date. So I guess I start back on Friday.

As I was walking to the drugstore to send off a postcard to Germany, I happened to come across the girl I had slept with the week before. That’s the same girl who didn’t want to see me anymore, because I didn’t want a serious relationship. So we walked down 17th for a bit and had a nice chat and since then she’s texting me again and actually seems pretty keen on meeting up again! That’s the power of the push in action. Anyway, I sent off the postcard and saw a girl standing in front of toiletpaper, trying to figure out which one she should buy. I used one of toms lines on her and said I noticed how focused she was about choosing the right toilet paper and that it must be a decision of life out death. She was a bit shy but liked it so I took her number. She isn’t here for long so my chances of getting her on a date aren’t high. I was really lazy after that and just hung around until my date at 7pm, without doing any more approaches. The date itself went well I’d say. The first venue was a cafe and I paid, therefore she paid at the bar we went to, witch turned out to be more expensive, obviously. I escalated throughout the entire date, not just physically but also verbally. The only thing I didn’t go for was the kiss, because I couldn’t figure out how to get close to her and just put my arm around her shoulder. There was always a small distance between us and I felt like the kiss wouldn’t be calibrated. I tried to bounce her home but she had other plans, so I can just hope that she will come out on a second date.
On Saturday I tried something new out with my daygame wing. I shall call him Mr.R until I know whether he wants to be a part of this blog or not. Instead of daygaming together at the same spot, we separated. He started off on 8th avenue and me on 17th. After about two hours we met up. That way we didn’t steal any sets from each other, but still had the drive to do our approaches because neither one of us wanted to have nothing to talk about when we’d get together. It turned out to be quite effective. He got one number from a german girl and nearly got lucky with a east European girl. He did the Maradonna move on her and she held on to his hand for half a minute! The Maradonna move is basically that you just hold on to her hand when you introduce yourself. Then you just wait for her to let go first. This builds up a lot of sexual tension right from the beginning of the approach. East European girls will often keep on holding your hand for minutes while you keep on talking. I got lucky too and had an instant date with the second girl I approached. She had just come back from a yoga class and was about to head home. I accused her of looking to relaxed for this city. We grabbed a quick coffee and exchanged details. She’s the girl who might come out this evening for some slacklining. I got one more number and met Mr. R for a drink on 8th avenue. The rest of the evening turned into a bit of a pub crawl and ended with some crazy karaoke.

I’ve really gotta write these things down when they’re still fresh in my mind. Right now I’m having a hard time remembering what really happened in detail on the last two days. Starting to record myself is also a step I have to take, but I still need to buy a recording device for that. I don’t want to risk using my cellphone to record, seeing that the girl could figure that out when I pull out my phone to get the number.

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