First approach while not actually daygaming!

Guys, I think I’ve just hit another milestone in my daygame skillset. So after having written the last post I headed back home and was just gonna chill out for the rest of the day. I made myself some food, watched some animes and later on went for a round of slacklining. It felt so goddamn good, testing the limits of my body by trying out new moves and tricks. I must have been walking the line for over an hour and was just about to go home again when I saw a pretty, dark haired girl sitting on a park bench. She was reading a book and looked really focused about it. Now comes the amazing part: I didn’t even really think much about whether I should approach her or not. Instead I just gathered all my valuables and headed over to her. I wasn’t wearing anything fancy, just some tracksuit pants and a pink T-Shirt, and must have smelt like a pig after having slacklined for an hour. But it just didn’t matter to me in that moment. I opened her just as I usually would and had a beautiful conversation. She gave me her number and I left again. Now this is something amazing for me. Up to now I haven’t been able to do any approaches outside of my daygame schedule. I really had to be in daygaming mode to talk to girls. This was the first time I opened a girl “out of the blue”.

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