I guess this is the price one pays for rapidly changing ones life. My thoughts kept me from sleeping one second last night. Yesterday must have maybe been the craziest day in my whole life, which isn’t difficult seeing that I haven’t had much of a crazy life so far. It all started out with an interview at a company here in Calgary. This company employs social workers who’s job is to approach people on the street and to raise funds for major charity organizations such as Plan International by getting the people to sign up for a monthly donation. So it’s actually not so different to daygame. You’re approaching strangers hoping not to get rejected. Even the statistics seem to be very similar. I figured combining a job like this with my daygame should boost my social skills immensely – or it will just give me burnout. Anyway, so I went to this group interview (there were five other people being interviewed aswell) and gave it my best shot. The manager asked us around five different questions which would help him figure out what kind of personality each one of us had. He explained that he had to learn what kind of personality we have in order to know if we had what it takes to do the job, seeing that it can be very emotional and full of rejections. I often spoke about things that I was very passionate about and that seemed to be the right thing, because after the interview I got a call saying that I was invited to come to the training program on Wednesday. They sent me a document attached to an email, which I have to learn off by heart by Wednesday and present it. I was selected out of a pool of 26 candidates. Only six got invited to the training on Wednesday. Apparently they will keep sorting out until only one person is left, who can then join the team! So wish me luck I guess.

After that I was just on fire and was really looking forward to some daygame. I hit the street at 5pm as usual and opened the first girl just outside “home and away” on 17th. I could feel that the girls were loving my vibe and I was in an awesome mood. Every set went really well except for the fact that I only ended up getting one phone number. One girl was German and really into me but she said she couldn’t meet me because her boyfriend was visiting Calgary with her. Another girl was married and her husband soon joined us. One of the sets was interrupted by another guy just joining in on the conversation, he obviously knew the girl. Just a whole lot of cock-blocking. But never mind, I was still in a brilliant mood after the session.

I had to get home because I had a date with the girl I had instant dated on Saturday. I started the date off with some slacklining in Buckmaster Park. It’s good in a way that it allows you to touch the girl a lot since you’re holding her on the line. After that we had a beer at the Pint on 17th where I went for the kiss close. The first time she turned away so I used Tom’s line: “it’s my job to try, and yours to resist”. Turns out she actually just felt uncomfortable doing it in the bar. Once they dimmed the lights I tried again and there was no resistance. I pulled her back to my place without any problems and chilled for a moment. She started getting phone calls from all sorts of guys, but I just stayed non reactive and watched a movie on my bed. She then told me it was her ex boyfriend who she had been living with on the street for almost two years. He was calling her from prison and she was stupid enough to tell him that she’s seeing a guy right now. I’ve noticed that I tend to get far with girls who are rather messed up. At least she’s getting back on the right track of life, getting a bit of a routine back into her day. Her daughter is six years old and she’s 27. Sex was very straight forward without any LMR and my God was it amazing. Apart from a hooker I had seen when I was 18 years old she was the first girl I slept with who actually had some sexual experience. I fucked her hard and long and she finished me off with an amazing blowjob/handjob. She called a cab afterwards and we still had a quick smoke together. What a wonderful evening.

So guys, maybe you can understand why I couldn’t find any sleep. Just six weeks ago I was a guy who basically never had sex at all, and now I’ve jumped up to two lays in one and a half months. Plus I may have a really interesting social working career ahead of me.

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