Angry Zebra!

Today was our first training day at my new company of employment. Unfortunately we weren’t yet sent out on the street, but that will be happening tomorrow! Today’s main task was just perfecting our RAP, which is basically what we’re going to be saying to people we stop on the street. I think I’ve got mine internalized pretty well so far. Shit, I’ve been practicing a lot so it better be good. I presented it to my parents on Skype and they said it’s awesome, but then again they’re my parents. They would also tell me that eating canned soup every evening for supper is awesome.

At 5pm it was time to hit the streets! My first approach was a blonde girl in sports clothes sitting in the shade. I accused her of wanting to work out, but then being lazy and just chilling instead. She hooked straight away and started firing a whole bunch of shit tests at me, which I basically all fucked up. The conversation was going well anyway so I asked for the number to which she said that she has a boyfriend. I told her it’s her lucky day because I don’t want to be her boyfriend, to which she replied that I must want to be her friend then. Once again I failed the test. She gave me her number and left saying: “bye, friend!” I’m guessing that’s not gonna go anywhere.

The next couple of approaches didn’t lead to anything apart from some weird looks and small giggles from spectators. On my way to 8th avenue I walked passed a girl I had gotten the number from, but who had never texted back. I front stopped her and said she must be the girl from Peru. She recognized me straight away and was nice and engaged in the conversation. She even apologized for not replying to my text. I told her I needed her number again because I had deleted it, which she was very surprised of. She seemed attracted to the fact that I had just moved on so fast without hanging on to her. I warned her of better texting me back the next time, obviously in a playful tone. It would really be cool if she actually came out on a date.

On 8th avenue I met up with my buddy Mr. R who hadn’t had much success himself. He was in quite a bad mood, must have had a rough day. I pushed him into doing two more approaches. One of them could have gone really well, but unfortunately his vibe was blocking him and he ejected. I approached a girl wearing a black and white striped dress. I used Tom’s usual line on that kind of clothing: “you look like you’re trying to disguise yourself as a zebra!” The set lead no where and she left. I kind of forgot about her rather fast, seeing that nothing memorable had happened. Mr. R and I were just standing around rambling on about something, when this really angry guy approached us. Zebra girl was with him. “Did you just speak to my wife?!” “Ahhh, yeah… I told her she looks really nice!” I was smiling at him but he just kept his frown up. “I’m going to call the police!” Mr. R and I were like, WTF. “Did you call my wife a zebra?!” Now I slowly got where this was going. “I said her dress makes her look like a zebra.” Angry guy: “Okay, that’s it, we’re calling the police!” They walked off and I wished them a nice day. This was definitely the most hilarious thing that’s ever happened to me in daygame. Not that really much has happened yet anyway. But guys, just remember, you’ve gotta laugh about these things, no point in letting them get to you. Mr. R and I sure had a good laugh. Obviously no police was informed, which we found to be very disappointing. I’m guessing the officers would have been amused aswell.

We wanted to grab a beer but I had forgotten my only ID at work, so they kicked us out of the bar. So we just parted and went our own way. I got lucky once again and number closed a pretty girl all dressed up on 15th avenue. She was on her way to meet some “girlfriends”, so I asked her if she’s lesbian. Is “girlfriends” really a term used for female friends? I hope the joke was on me. It was pretty cool, because this guy working in his garden was standing about 3m away and was listening to the whole thing go down. I wonder what he thought.

So my friends, this was surely a day full of new experiences! The girl I slept with on Monday has already started calling me “luv” and sending heart emojis. I’ve gotta be careful I don’t break her heart. She’s really nice.

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