No more approach anxiety

For the last month I’ve been rather dedicated to making a video diary. Every evening I’ve been filming myself for 5-10 minutes and have been summing up what things I had been doing. Last night I was just relaxing for a change and watched some of those vlogs for fun. This is when I realized how much my personality has already changed just through daygame. I want to show you guys what I mean. The first part of this video was taken on the 21st of June and the second part on the 28th of July. Don’t mind the nonsense I’m talking about, but try to hear the difference in the way I’m talking and the energy I’m expressing.


Notice how my voice is going up and down a lot more and how I’m not thinking about whether what I’m saying is right or wrong anymore. These are some big changes for me in my personality and I can only imagine what I’ll be like in a years time! Especially now that I’m working as a fundraiser and am talking to at least 50 people a day.

Let’s talk about that for a moment. My first infield training day was on Thursday. We started loosening up by playing some loud and weird games on the street, while people were watching us. It’s funny how after a while I didn’t even notice anymore what was going on around us. It’s just like daygame, when I’ve opened a girl I tend to forget my entire surrounding and just focus on her. Once we were all good to go we split up in teams of three and walked to our fundraising spot. We practiced our RAP (what we say to people we stop) on each other one last time and got going. I noticed really quickly how difficult it was to actually get someone to stop and listen to me. They always had the same excuses. I’ve got an interview, I’ve got an appointment, I’m late etc. One girl said she’s gotta cross the street before the light turns red. She walked passed me and I shouted: “Yeah, it’s the last time it’s green for today!” Obviously in a friendly way. I got lucky with two people yesterday and two people today. They all signed up for a PAC, which is a monthly donation. That’s what we’re always trying to go for. But guys, this is a daygame blog and not a place where I talk about my job, so let me tell you how this job has changed my daygame so far.

I met Mr. R at 6pm on 8th avenue yesterday evening. I had just finished work on the Olympic Plaza so it didn’t take me long to walk there. We immediately jumped in and I didn’t care one little bit about who I was opening, what I was going to say or whether the situation was awkward or not. That’s one thing fundraising had changed. The next thing was maybe not so good. I was very friendly, just from trying to be friendly with over 100 people in the last two days. So I really had to focus on moving from building rapport to breaking rapport. Another difference was that I didn’t run out of things to say anymore. Mr. R actually timed one of my sets with a hot Calgarian girl dressed in a black cocktail dress and it was over seven minutes long. That was maybe my longest set so far and I could have kept it going if she hadn’t had to go. I must have learned that from one of the crucial points in fundraising when you are setting up the monthly donation. This is when you’re typing the person’s bank details into your handheld and talking about what they want to give every month. At this moment you have to keep their mind occupied with smalltalk, otherwise they could get uncomfortable and leave. So you learn to just keep on talking. I really do believe that this job is the perfect combination for daygame.
Let me quickly go through those sets I number closed. So there was the hot chick in the black cocktail dress. She was smoking and I accused her once again of making me jealous and wanting to start smoking again. This set went really well, she was smiling the whole time and gave me her number without any hesitation. It also lasted for around seven minutes, like I said before.

Then there was a 28 year old girl I can’t really remember so well. All I know is that she had a boyfriend. I managed to get her number anyway.

On the way home I stopped a girl in a green dress and with green hair extensions. I accused her of thinking it was Saint Patrick’s day. I wanted to take her on an instant date, but she had to leave, so number close.

The girl I slept with on Monday was actually going to meet me yesterday evening, but she couldn’t have stayed for long and since I wanted to go to karaoke with her, I cancelled.


She seems pretty into me 😛 So yeah, I just took it easy for the evening and enjoyed not talking to anyone for a while!

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