Busy weekend

I feel like my daygame is lately just getting better at an exponential rate. The hard work seems to really have paid off. Let me explain.

Last Saturday actually seemed to turn out as a pretty boring day. I worked out in the morning and skyped with my parents. I think I went grocery shopping before I had lunch, but I really can’t remember. Not that’s it’s important. What I do remember is a very short date. It was the girl I approached on the way home on the day I got to meet the angry zebra. I had nearly forgotten to text her back after the opening text, when she sent an extremely invested text.


First of all the extremely long first text and second of all her worrying that I wouldn’t reply anymore were big IOI’s. She even went to the trouble of cycling all the way to Buckmaster Park to see me for like 45 minutes, in between two working shifts of hers. So we slacklined and built up some rapport by getting to know each other. I’m really starting to like this as a date option, seeing that I get to touch the girl so much. I hold her hand while she’s balancing and if I get on the line with her it’s nearly as good as Tom’s staring contest routine. We then stand opposite each other, holding both hands and try to balance as long as we can. Guys, learn how to slackline. Seriously. No, I’m just kidding, that’s my routine. So she left rather soon and I was worried I wouldn’t see her again seeing that I hadn’t done much verbal escalation.

Later on I had a nap and only woke up again at around 8pm. I didn’t want to end the day just like that and was hoping to get some girl to come out on a date. Actually this hot girl in a short black cocktail dress I had stopped on Friday on 8th avenue texted me as I was grabbing a coffee at Tim Hortons.


Unfortunately she stopped texting me that evening so that didn’t work out, but as I was sitting outside, drinking my coffee and looking out onto the street, the first girl I had slept with walked by. I called her but she didn’t hear me because of her earphones, so I texted her.


So that was kind of chilled, she hung out with me until I finished my coffee and we had a nice chat. I tried to pull her home but she wouldn’t come because of her dad. Don’t worry guys, she’ll be back some day soon. She still writes to me regularly. I walked back home and thought to myself that at least I had tried to still turn the evening around. But once again I got lucky and the daygame God was merciful. The girl I had slacklined with in the afternoon texted me.


We met at watchmans pub at 11:15pm and had a great time. I purposefully spoke to and joked around with people at the bar and to the waitresses to show her my social value. I went for the kiss after we had both sung a song and there was no resistance. On the way to my place she stopped at 14th street and said she had to go another way. I gave her a time constraint, telling her I had to get to bed early and said I wanted to show her the pictures of the pizza oven I had built. I had already seeded that back in the bar. Fortunately she was okay with that. There was a lot of kino (touching) on the way home. Back at my place it was once again very straight forward and I am so grateful that I haven’t had to experience any LMR yet. The sex was very sweaty and intense and went on and off for over two hours. She left at 4am.

Sunday was just fucking chilled. I got up at 8am and noticed it’s about time to wash my bedsheets. Worked out, cleaned the place and had a shower. At 2pm I met the second girl I had slept with. She was late, so I spent some time in a nearby bookstore and texted her that I had met some really cool people. Don’t ever come across as if you have nothing better to do than to wait for her. We spent the afternoon at a very secluded spot at the Bow river. On the way home we did some yoga in Prince’s Island park and bought a gram of pot from a guy in downtown. He was just sitting on a bench on 3rd street, looked pretty normal to me, but she knew he’d have something to sell. True as Bob he did. We laughed at the fact that it was so easy and got some food and papes before heading back to my flat. We smoked a joint and jumped into bed, all giggly. Fucking her high on weed was very dreamy and passionate. It was such an adventurous date, ideal for a date after the lay. She left at around 9pm which gave me enough sleep for work today.

I skipped the daygame session today in order to write this post and to check my daygame statistics.

So guys, I’ve had my third lay just about three weeks after my first one and it’s been about five weeks since I’ve started daygaming. I am now a true believer. I have no more doubts concerning this stuff. If you’re willing to put in the work it will pay off!

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