This girl hit on me!

I am truly sorry guys for not having written anything in over a week! I was sick and decided to take a short break from daygame while I was recovering. That didn’t keep me from having a fun time with the girls I had already slept with though. I passed my evaluation week for my new job and am now an official member of the team. I’m so grateful to have found this company and the amazing people that work there. They’re all so inspiring and it’s just such a good combination to daygame.

But on to new adventures! Yesterday I went out on a session and was going to meet Mr. R. Work ends at 6pm so the sessions will start later than they have up to now. Luckily I don’t need to walk far seeing that we work in downtown most of the time. When I reached 8th avenue I saw a girl I had seen singing karaoke in Watchmans Pub. She had totally messed up Bohemian Rapsody, which is why I remembered her. She was busking and I decided to chat with her just to get social. I told her I recognized her from karaoke and she was so happy that some dude was talking to her. Unfortunately she wasn’t attractive at all, maybe a 3/10 and answered nearly everything I said with “thank you”, even if it wasn’t a compliment. She packed her guitar away and asked if we could hang out. I didn’t want to be rude and invited her for a coffee, because she was broke as shit, probably lucky she didn’t have to live on the streets. I sat with her for about twenty minutes on 8th avenue and eventually excused myself politely, saying I was going to meet my friend.

As I got to centre street I saw a really hot south American looking girl walking up north. I could only see her from the back. She had long black hair, shaved short on one side. Her skin looked so smooth and beautifully tanned. She wore extremely short grey shorts and a striped shoulder-free top. I front stopped her and she immediately had a big smile on her face. After the compliment I stacked on a couple of things and was surprised when she hooked after only twenty seconds by asking me what my name was. From there it went very fast. She wanted to know what I was doing right now and if I’d be down for a drink with her. I said sure, let’s grab coffee. Nope, she wanted to get a beer straight away. I got suspicious and took a few steps back while accusing her of hitting on me although I had approached her. She told me not to be so scared and to trust her, but I didn’t follow her before making sure that she was going to pay for the drinks. Surprisingly she was okay with that. So we went to this place called Saltlik, where she basically knew every waitress and waiter. I found out that she had actually just come from there and had already drunk a couple glasses of wine. Things were starting to make sense. We sat down at the bar, ordered some drinks and got to know each other. I continuously spiked things up by touching her legs, arms, hands and so on. When we were having a smoke outside I took her glasses off to get a look at her pretty face. I didn’t forget to spike verbally with topics about kissing and relationships either. She paid for the drinks as promised and we headed outside. I said I was going to meet Mr. R now and she begged to come along. I figured this could turn out into something interesting, seeing that she was kind of a crazy girl and let her come along. We met Mr. R at a place called Pig & Duke on 4th ave and 4th street. When she went to the bathroom I told Mr. R to try and hit on her aswell, hoping that she was up for experiments involving multiple people. We played darts and pool for about half an hour, again with a lot of touching from her side. I could feel she was attracted to me. In a moment of privacy Mr. R let me know that he was going to leave us two alone, because he had to work early and didn’t see a way to escalate with her. We all went outside for a smoke and Mr. R said goodbye. I sat down next to her and moved in really closely. Our legs were touching while we were sharing the cigarette. I must have said something containing the word “last” and she teased me about how I pronounced it. We had a bit of a back and forth banter on how to pronounce the word correctly and our faces got closer to each other. Literally fifteen seconds after Mr. R left I went for the kiss and she didn’t resist. She convinced me to have a shot of tequila with her. It tasted surprisingly good. This time I paid for the bill. We left the bar and I must have hesitated for so long, not talking about whether we should stay in contact, that she asked me if I wanted her number. Obviously I took it. She asked what I was up to now. I should have tried to pull her home at this point, but instead I said I’d be down for karaoke if she came along. She was, and so off we went to 17th Avenue making out heavily on the way there. I went to the washroom as soon as we arrived there. When I came back to our table she told me she had ordered two more beers and shots! Without asking me! I was kind of upset because she said she was broke and I had to pay for all of that. But I didn’t let it get to me. We both sang a song, mine was “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls and hers was “just the way you are” by Bruno Mars. We were both rather drunk at this point which was noticeable in the way we sang. Her voice was so off tune that the DJ started singing along to help her out. Finally at some point I bounced her out of there and started walking towards 16th street. I tried to get her to come to my place by giving her a time constraint, saying I had to work early, that I wanted to show her some cool pictures, but she just wasn’t taking it. She told me to text her and kept walking down 17th ave as I headed down 16th street.

So guys, that was the first time so far that I didn’t get to sleep with a girl on the same evening I kiss closed her. Slowly but surely the girls are getting hotter and more challenging.

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