Effective daygame

Last weekend was actually so unspectacular, it’s almost not worth writing about. But seeing that consistency is a major key to success I shall do so anyway.

I was rather exhausted on Friday evening after work, because of the last person I signed up for a monthly donation. She was an old lady and was on heavy medication. Her voice was quiet and I had to lean in to understand her. Also she had some kind of hearing sensitivity and made a small jump every time a motorbike drove by. Her passion was obviously her religion as she spoke about God, Jesus and the bible for over half an hour. I silently begged that all my patient listening would pay off. Fortunately it did and she signed up for a small monthly gift. So after work I walked a couple of blocks to 8th avenue where I met Mr. R. I honestly can’t remember one single approach I did that evening, but according to my statistics I only did two anyway and got no number. Actually Mr. R and I had a beer in a pub on 4th street rather soon because there weren’t many single girls walking around. We mainly spoke about his date with the german girl a couple of nights before and what he could have done better. Around 10pm we parted ways and I was expecting to just chill for the rest of the evening. As I walked down 17th Avenue I got a text from the first girl I had slept with. In my post “it’s over” I wrote about how she didn’t want to see me anymore. However we have continued texting each other over the last weeks. I figured I could try and get her to see me on 17th Avenue, but I didn’t want to respond to her text immediately. I waited a couple of minutes while still walking towards my place, when I saw her walking in the same direction on the other side of the road. Having hardly any social anxiety anymore I called her name across the street. She crossed the road to join me and we carried on walking west. Although she was on her way to her dad’s place, which was in the opposite direction, she didn’t turn around. I dared her to sing karaoke as we were just about to pass watchmans pub. I said if she was lucky there would be a security guard and she wouldn’t be able to get in anyway. She accepted and we went to the pub, but as I had assumed, ID’s were being checked. We just kept on walking towards my place without verbalizing what was happening. I kept her mind occupied by talking about random stuff until we got to my apartment. That’s a beautiful skill I have picked up doing fundraising. I hardly run out of things to say anymore. On the way there I increased the touching and finally kissed her on the sidewalk next to my place. She didn’t resist, but I still had to find an excuse to get her to come in. There was an awkward moment of silence as we both knew what I was trying to do. I ended up inviting her for a quick tea and luckily she agreed. We watched a bit of South Park and I noticed her dad texting her wanting to know where she was and when she’d come home. I pulled her into my room and started making out with her on my bed. We were both horny but she was also getting worried about her dad getting angry. I tried to calm her down but she wanted to move it to another day when we’d have more time. I agreed, knowing that she would definitely be back to see me. She had just left my place when I checked my phone. The last girl I had slept with had written me a message, wanting to know what I was up to. She said she had ordered some pizza and was just about to pick it up. I told her to bring it over because I hadn’t had anything to eat yet. So the night turned out to be really good anyway!

The next day Mr. R and I did some more daygame. We started on 17th Avenue and approached girls for about 1,5 hours. Mr.R’s first approach actually already led to a number close! It took me a bit longer but the fifth girl I stopped was a cute Caribbean and she was on her way to the bank. I did a couple of attacks on her but she wasn’t really complying. She was about to walk off when I called out the elephant in the room, saying that this was weird, because I had stopped her and didn’t know what to say anymore. She actually then stepped towards me again and asked where I was from. So guys, try calling out the awkwardness, it may just save you a set. We kept on talking for another five minutes and I number closed her. Mr. R and I grabbed some lunch at Tim Hortons and played a set of tennis, just to get our minds off daygame for a while. It allowed us to recharge for the second session we did on 8th avenue. I got one more number from a Canadian girl who actually had a boyfriend. I didn’t react to her telling me that and just kept on talking. I’m guessing that must have impressed her because she gave me the number without reminding me about her relationship again. Finally Mr. R and I had a beer to reward ourselves.

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