I’m back

Doing daygame consistently is the key to getting good at it! Pushing myself into doing ten approaches after work was very difficult but I knew how important it was. That’s why I came up with a new system. Mr. R would push me into approaching on a Monday and I would choose his sets on a Tuesday. We would keep that going throughout the entire week. We started doing that on Wednesday two weeks ago and have had massive results since then! He’s actually on his second date for today right now. I really hope he’ll get some positive reference experiences soon because that will boost his drive even more. I’m really looking forward to our first daygame trip together, but before that we both need to have built up persistency. He’s actually come up with a cool form of getting girls out on a date. Instead of texting them he just calls them. He saves himself the time of having to write them multiple ping texts before setting up the date. After he gets the number he just gives them one really short call the same evening. Because they’re put under pressure and don’t have much time to think about whether they want to go on a date or not, they usually just say yes. I actually tried it myself this evening on a girl I got a number from on Friday. The call lasted about one and a half minutes and it was super easy to set up a date. We’re gonna go to good earth coffee on Tuesday at 7pm. I’ll try to pull her into a bar after that and see how it goes from there. I actually haven’t been dating or sleeping with girls regularly in over a month. I think one big reason for that were just all the new experiences at work. Slowly but surely im getting used to it and I find it easier to do daygame after work. I’ve even number closed a couple of girls doing fundraising. One of my donors gave me her number after signing her up. We’ve been dating and it’s really on. The only problem seems to be that she’s trying to make me her boyfriend. That’s what happens when you don’t open a girl direct. She must have stuck me in the provider box right from the beginning and now she’s wondering why I’m not committing to anything. If it carries on I’ll have to dump her, but luckily there are many fish out there.

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