Still no solo daygame

Finally a good day at work again! I got three people signed up for a monthly donation, which is kind of my target. The day didn’t start off too good, but I kept going right until the end and cut down on our second break to keep on pitching people. In the last session it finally happened and after the first PAC (monthly donation) I was just on fire. Two more people were so inspired by my energy that they couldn’t resist.

I thought getting into daygame wouldn’t be difficult, but I still couldn’t do it alone. I called Mr. R around 7:15 pm and he joined me to get those approaches. Before he arrived I managed to get on hit n run done, but there just weren’t many girls walking around. After he’d arrived I opened a girl with the wheel of fortune. I spoke to her for over a minute, but she just wouldn’t hook. I finally called out the elephant in the room, saying that I’d stopped her and had run out of things to say. Unfortunately she didn’t use that as an opportunity to ask me a question, but instead walked off. 

The next lady was waiting at the traffic light and I went up to her from the side. She listened to the compliment and one stack but then kept in going. I noticed that the stacks have to be so much stronger and more teasing if I don’t do the wheel of fortune, just to keep her around. 
The fourth girl was walking on Mr. R’s side of the street and I noticed him preparing to go up to her. As she walked into a building he hesitated and gave up. I ran across the street to follow her into Tim Hortons and spoke to her when she was standing in line. She didn’t hear the compliment the first time and I had to repeat myself. It basically went down the same way the third one did.

The last girl was walking really slowly and I did a rather bad WOF on her. Once again she walked away after the first stack. 

We went back home after that because it was getting dark and we thought that that might be the reason why no one was sticking around. 

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