First flaked date ever!

Mr. R has been trying out something new to get girls out on a date. The London daygame model advises guys to write a couple of ping texts before asking the girl out on a date. Mr. R was getting bored of that and was looking for a way to skip the whole text game. So he decided to just give one of his number closes a quick phone call for the date request. By putting the girl under pressure during the call she had to decide fast and ended up saying yes to his date suggestion. Since then he’s done that a couple of times and it’s always worked out. Everyone texts these days, but who still has the guts to ask a girl out via phone. He thought that if he’s gonna stand out by doing daygame he may aswell also stand out doing the date request. I was getting curious and also a little bit fed up with all the texting, so tried it myself. On Sunday evening I was at a burlesque show with my colleagues. I used the loud environment to my advantage, to show social proof and called a girl I had number closed on Friday. She answered and after asking her one rapport question I went straight to the date request. It actually worked and we set up a date at good earth coffee for Tuesday at 7pm.

Today is Tuesday and I’m sitting at that cafe right now. I had sent her a text earlier on that I’d be a bit late so she offered to move the date to 7:30pm. I accepted that and used the time to get changed and have something to eat. I arrived on time and ordered a coffee seeing that she wasn’t here yet. It’s 7:59pm now and she’s still not here and hasn’t texted me, so it looks like this is my first date that’s flaked. At least I used the time efficiently to write this!

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