Alone again

It seems like flaked dates give me the opportunity to write a blog post more and more frequently. Doing fundraising on Friday I met a cute girl from Kongo. After signing her up for a phone follow up call for the charity I walked away from her. That’s when I thought “fuck it” and ran back to her, told her I thought she was really attractive and asked if I could invite her out for a coffee. She agreed and gave me her number. I called her on Saturday to arrange the date for this evening at 7 pm to which she again agreed. I texted her the venue and time today and because she never responded I didn’t bother going to the venue.

I did a couple of approaches yesterday and wanted to try out a new location. Kensington is a place I had rarely done daygame at and I was hoping there would be enough foot traffic on a Sunday. Unfortunately I was wrong about that so I walked back to my bicycle. That’s when a beautiful girl got out of her car and walked towards me. I let her pass, turned around and ran after her to give her a quick compliment. Short warm-up.

I drove to Stephen avenue because I was sure there would be enough going on there, even on a Sunday. As I was locking up my bicycle I saw a really long legged beauty crossing the street. She looked a bit like little red riding hood, but I only thought of that stack after she had left. As she passed me I told here she looked really amazing today. She said she was looking for a job and I accused her of wanting to seduce her future employer the way she was dressed. She hooked rather fast and we had a chat for at least five minutes. I closed strong, she gave me her number and said she was looking forward to a coffee. The texting has been going really well with her, she replies to each text almost immediately and compliments me a lot. I gave her a call today, inviting her for a coffee tomorrow evening, but unfortunately she had to check her schedule at home first before confirming. She hasn’t texted since then.

The third girl I stopped just off the main pedestrian area. I accused her of looking like Michael Jackson because of her hat and asked if she could do the moon walk. We had a bit of a chat, but when I closed she said she was not interested. 

The fourth girl was in the mall and I tried the side stop, touching her lightly on her elbow. Unfortunately I freaked her out, she must have thought I was trying to steal something. I even touched her on the side she wasn’t wearing her handbag, but what can you do. 

The last girl for the day was in a book store. She was an Asian 9/10 and I was just talking nonsense, being so startled by her beauty. When I closed she just said that she wasn’t interested in dating anyone. Whether that’s true or not, at least she knew my intention.
Oh, by the way, that was the first session I’ve done alone in quite a bit. Mr. R and I decided to try and push ourselves for a while again, not just because it was very time consuming doing daygame together every day, but also because it comes down to being a solo hobby. I’ve said this before, but you’re going to be alone on the date and in bed, so you might as well get used to being alone on the streets aswell.

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