I needed this

I finally had a good date again for a change! The girl I had stopped on Sunday while locking up my bicycle came out yesterday for a coffee. We arranged to meet up at 7 pm, but because I was leading a team at work and had to bring all the equipment back to the office, I moved it to 8 pm. Luckily she was still down for that. When I walked into the first venue she stood up to say hello and to order drinks with me. A very good sign was that she was ten minutes early for the date. We sat opposite each other so I couldn’t start escalating physically yet, but I used a couple of Tom’s verbal escalation lines. The first one was “what’s your guilty pleasure?”. She said she liked to read and I accused her of that not being a guilty pleasure, but at least we had a new topic to talk about. She did not ask me if I had a guilty pleasure. Another one I used was “what kind of guys do you like?”. She couldn’t tell me anything specific so I started pointing around the bar to different guys, asking if they were her type. She loved it and we started talking about guys in clubs and how they’re all there to get girls. The vibe was definitely man to woman. Eventually I said we’re going and of course she asked where to. Paris, I said, seeing that she’d never been to Europe. She laughed and we walked over to Jamesons on 17th. I really wanted to make sure that I’d be sitting next to her this time. When we arrived there I let her sit down first and went to the washroom. When I came back she was sitting on the edge of the bench so I couldn’t just sit down next to her, without asking her to shift over. I had a short moment of doubt, but decided to act like a man and asked if she’d mind me sitting next to her. Fortunately she didn’t and moved over. I began escalating verbally and physically with Tom’s toolset. Obviously not all in a row but having normal Smalltalk in between the steps. Hand size comparison, tattoos, her hair and her cold hands were all brilliant excuses to touch her. I also asked her what she liked about me, why she was single and eventually even when she’d had sex the last time. She answered all the questions and asked me the same ones back, which I had prepared answers for because I’d expected she’d do that. At some point I grabbed her hand and just started caressing it while continuing the small talk. It was all in all just a perfect build up to the kiss and when I finally went for it there was no resistance. I put my arm around her and pulled her in. She started to ask questions about what we’d be doing on the next date, which was again a really good sign. Obviously I kept it mysterious and told her it was a surprise. After paying for the drinks we went outside, had a smoke together and parted. She told me at the end how much she’d liked it and later on sent another text thanking me for the wonderful evening. I guess she’ll be coming out for another date where I’ll try to seal the deal.

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