A non daygame lay

Mr. R is not in town for the weekend which was a good incentive for me to push myself into some solo daygame. It was cold and wet outside yesterday, so I decided to do mall game. I’m probably going to be there most of the time in winter anyway so I may aswell get used to it. I chose Chinook mall seeing that it’s the closest to my place, although it still takes me about half an hour to get there. I was kind of sleepy so I first of all had a small coffee to wake up. I set the countdown timer on my phone to one and a half hours, just to not waste time.

First one’s the worst one. Since having watched one of Tom’s videos on mall game I’ve stopped doing the wheel of fortune in those kind of areas. Supposedly its too uncalibrated. Instead I side stopped a cute brunette girl but she wasn’t interested and blew me out rather fast. Next.

Another tall brunette walked into a woman’s clothing store. I had to follow her fast to catch up because she was jumping from one section to another really quickly. I opened her direct and kept it going for a couple of minutes, but she finally said she had a boyfriend when I told her I’d like to take her out. I really have to learn a good response for the bf shit test. I said bye and ejected.

I was getting a little bit lazy and thought of a video Tom had made on lazy daygame. Basically what one does is only approach girls who’ve given one IOI’s (indication of interest). I started scanning girls walking past me to see if they were looking at me. Finally a small eighteen year old Asian girl looked at me once, then twice and started smiling as she walked by. Now or never. I ran after her, did the side stop, opened direct and told her she couldn’t look at me that way without introducing herself. She was very giggly throughout the conversation and played with her hair (good IOI’s). She worked in the mall and was on her way home. I accused her of looking like she’d stolen something because she was walking so fast. It was a good set in general and she gave me her number. The texting hasn’t been bad since then either.
Like I said, I was really lazy and decided to get something to eat. At least I watched one of Tom’s videos on shit tests while consuming junk food. I ended up going home after that, but didn’t really know what I was going to do the rest of the evening. I got a text from one of the girls I’ve managed to kiss close, asking what I was doing that evening. It’s been a struggle getting her out alone in the past and I didn’t feel like playing any games or meeting up with her and her friends. I wrote back that I’d probably have some beer, and that was not a lie. Back at home I opened a can of Guinness and warmed up for some karaoke by singing along to Boston. I had rarely gone to karaoke alone in the past and felt a bit awkward about it, but fuck it.
I arrived at watchmans pub at around 9:30 pm and the place was still pretty empty. ‘Hold the line’ was a song I’d wanted to try out for a while, so I signed up for it. I was sitting at the bar and facing the stage when a cute brunette joined me, blocking my view. I could tell that she was a bit older, around thirty, but she still looked really good. I didn’t open up a conversation, simply because I didn’t know what to say. She ordered a Guinness and went back to her table, where she was sitting all alone. One of the best mindsets one can have in life is ‘fuck it’. I’ve really been focusing on training that attitude towards life lately and that was the perfect moment to prove to myself that I still believed in it. I stood up, grabbed my drink, walked over and started the conversation with two things. First I said I’d never seen a girl drink Guinness before and that she must be from Ireland. The second thing was that she can’t just stand next to me for a minute without introducing herself. That just kick started the conversation and we spoke for a couple of minutes until three guys arrived and joined us. They were obviously her friends who had just been standing outside for a while, having a smoke. I switched my focus to them instantly. Befriend the obstacle. It worked perfectly and soon they liked me enough to be able to join them at the table. At some point they stood up to sing a song and I used the moment to start escalating with her. Soon one of the guys figured out what was going on and said to her ‘this guy just wants to fuck you’. I could see that he meant it in a funny and non threatening way, so I agreed and amplified by saying that I was a simple man with two brains, pointing first at my head and then at my crotch. They both laughed. Fortunately he liked me enough and in a private moment gave me permission to keep on pushing with her. He was her colleague and had known her for a long time. She had just come out of an eight year long relationship and was just looking to have some fun. Perfect. I was constantly switching between singing songs, escalating, talking and dancing with her and the group. It was just so much fun. After I went in for the kiss she started giving me mixed signals by saying that we wouldn’t sleep together, but at the same time moving in closer and touching my leg dangerously close to my private parts. Also the makeouts got more intense by the minute and I knew it was time for the bounce. After paying for the drinks I stood up and said ‘let’s go’. She followed like a good girl, said goodbye to her friends and we left the bar. Again heavy makeouts on the way to my place and I said for fun that I’d just show her some pictures of my pizza oven. It wasn’t even necessary, we both knew what was going to happen and she even said that she was tired of all the games that are played between men and women. I gave her a glass of water after arriving at my place and started making out with her before she’d even finished it. She was so horny that she couldn’t do anything but let me caress her. Eventually I grabbed the glass, put it down and pushed her onto the bed. She was wild and passionate and also loved a couple of kinky things. I’m not going to go into any detail, but we kept going for over an hour, two rounds in total, it was my first time having greek sex and she knows how to give a prostate massage. I guess that’s the benefit of having fun with someone who’s had a little bit more sexual experience.
There we go, daygame hasn’t just helped me on streets, in stores and in malls but I can now apply the same techniques to night venues. The only difference is basically that I had to talk louder, handle some cock blocking and calibrate the open. It’s like Tom says, by showing her throughout the interaction what you want you don’t have to open direct. The verbal and physical escalation, tiger eyes and the fact of talking to her in a bar is enough to let her know what you want.

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