No excuses

It seems like I’m finally on a streak of getting results again. About two weeks ago I was trying to get back into daygame after taking quite a long break. The approach anxiety was back again and I wasn’t getting the results I had when I started daygame intensively in July. I did a couple days of hit n runs but they weren’t satisfying me and I was wondering what I was doing different to when I started off. Eventually I figured out that I really just had to sit down and do the 10% of theory again. The problem was simply that I didn’t have any material to stack or vibe on. I learned some new stuff for about 2 hours and felt a lot more confident about approaching after that. Since then it’s really been going well. I’m staying in the sets a lot longer, I’m not ejecting anymore and I’m really calm in the moment. The only problem is that I’m not getting quite as many numbers as in the beginning. I’ve also gotten really disciplined about going out after work, even on days when I’m leading a team and only get to leave the office by 7 pm. I’ll have all my daygame gear waiting for me in the office, get changed and drive to one of the closer malls, mostly Chinook mall.

One day last week I was standing at the bus stop just outside the office when I noticed a cute Asian girl standing right behind me. I teased her of trying to hide from me and we got into a nice conversation. We took the same bus, sat together and got out at the same stop. Before I jumped on my train I grabbed her number. Her texting was very invested and after a couple of date requests she came out to see me. We met at analog coffee on 17th ave and had some dinner at another bar. She was a little shy but let me do all the physical escalation on her. Later on I found out that she just wasn’t comfortable kissing in public, which is why it took me three attempts to kiss close. She had to go home so I couldn’t bounce her home.

Yesterday evening we met again. I tried out Tom’s sneaky shopping bag trick. I showed up at with a bag containing a bottle of wine and told her I just need to drop it off at home real quick and that we could go and grab a drink afterwards. She was fine with that. Back at my place she actually took her shoes off and came inside (good IOI) while I went to the washroom. I showed her a video on my laptop and just asked her straight forward if she’d like to get a drink or watch a movie. I probably shouldn’t have even asked, but because she still had her coat on I felt I had to. She wanted the drink. We walked down to the pint, about a five minute walk from my place and had a nice evening there. Touching her was a lot easier this time and I could see that she was really comfortable with me. Caressing her hand and leg really got her going, I could tell by the look on her face. When I dropped her off at the bus stop and gave her a kiss on the cheek (because she didn’t want to kiss in public) she was actually disappointed that I didn’t kiss her on her lips. I had tried pulling her home, giving her a time constraint and using excuses, but she had to work today and it takes her an hour to get home. At least I seeded the third date properly and it’s going to be cooking and watching a movie at mine. 😉

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