A never ending journey

I was watching one of RSD’s videos yesterday in which Tyler is talking about his journey with pickup and how it’s made him the man he is today. At one part he said that success in game is a weird thing. Game will always give you exactly what you need. You will think that you’ve reached a magical point, where you can finally sit back and relax. The next moment that freedom will be snatched away from you and you’ll be forced to keep pushing yourself. The game is push-pulling you. It will tell you “yes, you’re amazing!” and in the next moment “no, you’re not!”.

This is kind of what happened to me over the last few days. I thought I was finally able to dive into a daygame session at any time and not have to deal with approach anxiety anymore. I took the train to Chinook mall on Wednesday evening after work. I hadn’t set myself any intentions and just thought I’d see how it goes. I ended up walking around for 20 minutes, losing my entire momentum and going home again in a frustrated mindset.

Thursday evening was a little bit better. I had a goal in mind when I arrived at Chinook and timed myself to not fall into any laziness. I approached 8 girls and all of them were hit n runs. I felt like I had lost the skillset.

I didn’t go out yesterday, but I’ve dedicated my entire vacation to daygame. I was actually going to visit haida gwaii, an island off the coast of British Columbia, but decided that diving into daygame is far more important right now.

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