All the way

Dedicating my vacation to daygame has been the best decision I’ve made in a long time. I had totally forgotten how fast improvements can be made if one just fully immerses oneself into something.

On Saturday I left my apartment at 11 pm on the dot. I was anxious because I knew that it was now or never. I warmed up by asking someone for directions and doing one or two hit and runs. Surprisingly enough I got into the right vibe pretty fast and started to stay in the sets as long as I could. Starting on 17th ave, I walked up 4th street to 8th ave, the main pedestrial area. The streets were still empty and the few girls I did find would constantly eject. I decided to check out the core mall and it turned out to be full of people. One of the guys I had daygamed with before was also there, so I ran after him and front stopped him for a joke. Just chatting with him for a couple of minutes really helped me to get into a conversational mood. The next girl I stopped, approach number 10, loved it and hooked immediately. A hot Filipino psychology student. I got her number and the texting has been going well.
After a short lunch break I went out for a second session. My vibe was now a lot more energetic and masculine and I ended up getting another 3 phone numbers. Another hot Filipino girl on her way to a leaders conference, a blonde beauty from Newfoundland who’d only been in Calgary for a month and a dreamy, blonde and very shy photographer.

On Sunday my wing Mr. R joined me for a session. I number closed a cute Caribbean teacher on 17th ave and it was the longest daygame set I’d had so far, 12 minutes. The only danger of having a set longer than 10 minutes is falling into too much rapport and chit chat. Ideally it should be between 5 and 10 minutes.
After 10 approaches it was my wings turn. I was following him when I spotted two women sitting on a bench on 8th avenue. The older one was around 60, smoking a cigarette and the younger one around 30. I went up to her to ask if I could buy a cigarette off of her. She just looked at me for a second and then said “only because you have such a cute accent”. We had a nice chat and were bantering around for about 5 minutes. The younger woman wasn’t really contributing much, which is why I was super surprised when she all of a sudden scribbled down her number on a note and handed it to me. This had never happened to me before. She said some random excuse for giving it to me, but her step mom knew exactly what was going on and teased her “he’s far too young for you”. I just tried to act as if this happens to me every day. It’s incredible how she must have just felt my masculine vibe after having done a session of game. Later on I texted her and she replied immediately with 5 texts, investing heavily right from the get go. I tried getting her out for a drink the same evening, but she had to take her son to martial arts. She agreed to having a coffee the next day though.
The dreamy photographer I had closed on Saturday was actually supposed to meet me at 7 pm, but she got cold feet and cancelled. I wasn’t surprised as the set was very short and she knew nothing about me.
I still had the limiting belief of not being able to daygame when it’s dark outside, so I decided to head out again with Mr. R. We soon spotted a Japanese girl all alone at a bus stop. I went up to her and said “hey, I know it’s dark outside but I just had to say that you look nice”. She didn’t freak out at all, but actually enjoyed it and gave me her Facebook at the end.
Unfortunately that was about all me and Mr. R did, apart from each singing a song at karaoke.

Yesterday wasn’t a too successful day concerning the number farming. It took me a while to get into the right headspace. I got one number from a dark haired girl on 8th but it didn’t feel solid at all. I’m surprised that she’s actually texting me.
At 12:30 pm I met the woman who’d handed me her number on a note at the Hyatt hotel where she works. We had a coffee and built lots of comfort as she only had 30 minutes on her lunchbreak. After the date she immediately started texting again, excusing herself for being awkward and not talkative, which in my opinion hadn’t even been the case. She wrote that I had good energy and that she was shy because of it. Amazing investment from her side anyway and she’s coming out for a drink on Thursday evening.
I had some lunch at the food court in the mall and spotted a very attractive Vietnamese girl sitting all by herself. I went up to her and adjusted my opener to the situation “excuse me, I know you’re trying to enjoy your lunch break but I just had to say that you look very nice today”. After a couple minutes, giving her a false time constraint “gotta meet a friend in 5 minutes”, I asked if I could sit with her. We had a chat, possibly a bit too social, and I number closed her.
At 5 pm I had a date with the Filipino girl who had been on her way to the leaders meeting on Saturday. I had listened to the recording of the set again and was really surprised that she even agreed to come out. The set had only been under 2 minutes long and I hadn’t told her one thing about me. She was a little bit late so I teased her “you buy the drinks”. I told her that I was surprised she had come to see me, seeing that she knew nothing about me and that I could be a serial killer for all she knew. She was dressed up, high heels, black tight jeans and a black leather jacket. I had forgotten how attractive she was. I noticed the strong smell of coconut and she said it was her hand cream, so I immediately pulled her hand in to smell her. Touching right from the beginning. She was fun to talk to and I really practiced push-pulling a lot. I bounced her to Jamesons Pub after half an hour and went through the verbal and physical escalation, obviously switching back to normal small talk in between. She rejected the first kiss attempt but must have liked me staying non reactive about it. The second time she let me go for it and I made sure I was the first to pull away again. I paid for my drinks, she only had water, and we left. She had to get somewhere, so I didn’t even try bouncing her home. I also had in mind that Tom said a two date model is safer than trying to escalate right until sex in one date. Obviously to get out of the nice guy frame I should always be trying to escalate as fast as possible. All the lays I’ve had so far have actually been a result of going all the way in one date… maybe I should get back to what was working for me.
This evening the Asian girl is coming out on a third date. Today I’ve gotta pull the trigger or she’ll get the wrong impression of me being boyfriend material.

Wow, it really feels good to write all of this down. The Filipino girl from yesterday has been on my mind the last 12 hours and I just want her to be the first one to text back after the date. That would be a safe indicator of her wanting to come out on another date.

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