Let the hustle begin

It has been a while since I wrote my last blog post. The reason for that is that there weren’t many daygame related things to write about. I’ve been using the cold weather as an excuse not to go out, as well as a girl I’m seeing a lot who I met back in December. There’s nothing bad about taking a break from daygame, but I feel like I can still learn so much from getting out there, exposing myself to difficult situations and dating new girls. Don’t get me wrong 😉 the last couple of months have been amazing, but it’s time to throw myself out there again.

Yesterday evening I decided to do a small session after work. The sun was shining and 17th ave was packed with people. Mr. R, who has lately been doing his own thing, came out to join me. The results were 4 approaches and 1 number close. The girl I closed actually surprised me when she gave me her number. I had front stopped her, given her a compliment and threw out a couple of stacks. When she gave me a topic (she was a history student) I went off on a story about those people, which she luckily liked, but she still didn’t hook. I called out the elephant in the room, saying that I had run out of things to say, even though I had stopped her. She still didn’t make any effort to ask me something and said that she had to go. I decided to close strong, just for the sake of it and she actually agreed to give me her number, just because the front stop had been so bold. I guess the lesson I learned here is to always be closing, no matter how the interaction went. Mr. R and I were talking about out trip to Vancouver, where we’ll be going for two weeks this Friday. We’re both very excited about it, but also have very different expectations and intentions. For me it’s very clear. This is my first daygame trip and I am going to make the most of it. In the first week I will be collecting leads and in the second week closing them. Daygame will be my top priority. Mr. R will be seeing his family and friends there, so it will be more of a balance between that and daygame. Also, he is interested in trying out some nightgame. For these reasons, we will mostly be doing or own thing during the day, but reflect in the evenings on how our day was and what we can do to improve the next one.

I will try to write a blog post when I’m there. That way my description will be totally in the moment and I’ll be able to explain how I’m feeling more accurately. To sum things up I would say that I’ve had my break, but know it’s time to give myself a kick in the butt. After all, my goal of 1000 approaches and 20 lays for this year is only possible if I’m actually out there. Let the daygame season begin!

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