Lay report #12 – Blonde Jewelry Maker

A couple of weeks ago, me and a girl I was trying to seduce went out to a gay club in Calgary called Twisted Elements. She had never been there before, and so I took the opportunity to show her one of the most sexual venues in Calgary.
We watched the drag queen show and later on danced together wildly, at which point I also went in for the kiss – no resistance. This went on for a while, until at one point another guy grabbed her and started dancing with her. She was enjoying all the attention, and I was the last guy who would keep her from having fun. I knew I had to do something to win her back though, and just standing around and watching them would have come across as needy and not confident. I slowly moved away from them and scanned the club for lonely girls, while I was moving in between hot and sweaty bodies. After about five minutes, I found a very cute blonde 18 year old, who I shall call miss D. She was holding eye contact and smiling at me. I went straight up to her, grabbed her hands and began to move my hips to her rhythm. She immediately laughed and started asking questions. We chatted and danced closely for a bit, until I checked my phone. The girl I had come to the club with was looking for me and wanted to go to my place – bingo! Attraction lies in the push. I looked for her, found her and said, that I’d just quickly go and grab the blonde girls number. She was dancing on a pedestal, which I had to step onto to talk to her. I told her, that I had to leave, and that I’d like to see her again, which she happily agreed to. Our bodies were close, and we were touching each other all over, so I went in for the kiss, and she responded by making out passionately. I grabbed her number, got the other girl and left the club. She slept over at my place, but we did not have sex, because of that time of the month. I could have pushed for the lay, but I wasn’t that keen on sleeping with her anyways.

I wasn’t sure if miss D would text me back, just because I had escalated so fast, and because she could possibly feel bad for that. Luckily though, she responded with a long invested text, and I soon knew that she would come out on a date. I arranged to give her the “Robin tour” on 17th Avenue three days after having met her.
The tour began at 8:30 pm at Jamesons pub, where we had a quick beer. We immediately vibed well and started touching each others hands. I took her to karaoke after that and got her to sing on stage. There was a group of three drunk girls and one passive guy sitting next to us. Every time we sang, they would cheer and go crazy for us. After convincing miss D to join the girls on stage, it was easy to start a conversation with them and show my value by talking to and getting all three girls interested in me.
It was getting late, so I decided to bounce her back to my place. I used the classic excuse of wanting to show her some pictures that are only on my laptop at home. After a bit of convincing and reassuring that I’d kick her out of my flat soon, we took off. Unfortunately, she was tired once we arrived, and after my photo routine, she resisted any attempts of me pulling the trigger. I told her she could sleep over, hoping I could seal the deal in the morning, but she called a cab to get picked up. Before she left though, I seeded the second date for the following evening. The plan was cooking at mine 😉

The next day she arrived punctual, accompanied by a bottle of wine. We made a quick and easy meal – pasta with a finished meat sauce. I can’t remember which movie we watched on my bed, but when I started escalating, there was no resistance on her side. She was a little hesitant because of her period. Without saying a word, I went down on her. She responded by relaxing her body and moaning loudly. We were both horny and wanted to fuck, but she did not have a spare tampon on her. I understood that she did not want to ruin her pants, so we went to sleep after her blowing me.

I waited a couple of days before texting her again. I sent her a picture of me in a cafe via text messenger, but didn’t get an answer. I wondered, if I had done anything wrong on the second date. Why didn’t she want to see me anymore? Had it gone too fast?
Another two days passed and I sent her my revival text: “We’re getting divorced 😉 I’ve already called our lawyer, he’s sent me all the paperwork. You can keep the dog…”

This time she responded, and I managed to get her out on a third date.

She had never been slacklining, so I invited her out to the park next to my apartment. It’s always a great excuse to build a lot of physical contact. While she tried to balance, I would hold her hands, hips and back. I suggested going to a shisha bar and getting something to eat at my place, before we’d go. She happily agreed, and we ended up cooking the same meal we had a couple of nights before. The rest of the date was more or less a repeat of the second date, with the exception of us having loud and passionate sex.

So it just goes to show, that even bad situations can lead to great outcomes, if you are willing to look for other opportunities. If that guy hadn’t hit on the girl I had gone to the club with, I wouldn’t have had a reason to go and find another girl like miss D. I chose not to see that moment as a failure, but only as a temporary defeat, and in return I was rewarded with success.

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