Lay report #13 – Shy Hotel Receptionist

Three days ago I was heading to the airport to jump on an airplane that would take me back to the place where I had spent most of my life. My trip was coming to an end and it was difficult for me not to drift off and start thinking about all the amazing experiences I had had there in Calgary. I want to save that though for a summary of this last year which I’ll be writing soon.

A couple of things had made this last month extremely tough for me, emotionally speaking.

At the beginning of May my parents came to visit me for three weeks. I let them stay at my place so that they could save some money. I didn’t realize when making that decision, how much it would suck to have my freedom of having an own apartment taken away from me. It didn’t bother me that I gave up my bed for them to sleep in or that they sometimes treated me like a child (they’ll always do that). What really got to me was the fact that I had no possibility of bouncing girls back to my place. Female energy, attention and affection was something I was craving so much at that point because I had no active leads in Calgary to get it from. It took me about a week to just chill out and start enjoying the time with my folks.
Together we went on a trip through British Columbia. In Vancouver I was able to meet up with the Brazilian and Dutch girl I had seduced back in March and for a few days my hunger was stilled again. I felt the pressure come back again though, the moment we arrived in Calgary.

Another thing that was just driving me crazy was the fact that I was slowly losing a girl I had fallen in love with. She was the girl I had met back in December at a karaoke bar when going out with Mr. R. The girl I had also had two threesomes with. Over the course of six months I had let myself get attached to her and started neglecting my goals. Eventually I had no other leads left and was dependent on her as my only source of sex and affection. It’s funny to realize that when we had met I was the one who had abundance of partners and that now the script had been flipped. She started seeing and sleeping with other guys, which I always encouraged her to do. It’s when she slept with a dude who was more attractive than me that I couldn’t deal with it anymore, something I’m not proud of. It came to the point that even though I loved her, I couldn’t enjoy being around her anymore. So I made the decision not to see her anymore until my last day in Canada and to fully focus on daygame to generate new leads.

That was Friday two weeks ago. I was feeling terrible that day, possibly the worst day I’d had so far in Canada. I knew the only thing I could do about it was to meet some new girls.
At 10am I went out for a daygame session. My lack of confidence was so overwhelming that I had to listen to Tom’s audio coaching in order to get over my approach anxiety. The girls could smell my negative attitude a mile away and so I wasn’t surprised that I didn’t even get one number that day. But I had taken action and that was what mattered.

The next day I did the same thing, feeling much better though than the day before. After five approaches I rewarded myself with a cigarette. I didn’t have any on me and so I went up to a black dude with long dreadlocks who was smoking. He was sitting on a bench, wearing torn up jeans, a short sleeved shirt and brown boots. He looked pretty badass. I’m not quite sure what happened, but we just seemed to vibe really well. I couldn’t believe it when he told me that he was just about to turn 50 years old. He looked more like he was in his mid thirties. Eighteen years ago he had moved to Canada and now worked as a car polisher. He was complaining a little bit about his also 18 years older wife, who couldn’t fulfill his sexual needs anymore. His way of taking care of that was to come out into downtown and to talk to beautiful women. If everything went well, he would just book a room at one of the nearby hotels for the day and seal the deal. I had met a daygamer who didn’t realize he was doing daygame. He invited me for a beer and some Jamaican food. Later on we did some daygame together, the most random session I had done so far.
At one point we were sitting on a bench on Stephen avenue when a tall, dark haired girl wearing glasses walked by. I can’t remember exactly what I said, especially after two beers, but I know that the interaction was very energetic. She gave me her number and I joined the Jamaican guy again, who had just seen me cold approach for the first time. Later on we took a picture together.

That night I texted the girl, Ms. L. She responded immediately, asking me how to spell my name – a good IOI. After a bit of back and forth banter she was ready to be asked out on a date.

I set something up for Wednesday last week and met her at Waves Coffee on 17th ave. Before going there I had a quick pint at Watchmans Pub to calm down the nerves. Seeing that I’d been slightly intoxicated the day I met her, I couldn’t really remember what she’d looked like. But as she was scanning the cafe to spot me, I noticed that she was a lot prettier than I’d remembered her. She sat down opposite me and I started going through Tom’s usual dating model. With one exception. Before the date I had listened to his podcast on “Rapid Escalation”. There he had mentioned a PDF called “Fearless, Relentless, Escalation” by a guy who calls himself “60 years of Challenge”. I remembered it because Tom had sent it to me after our Skype coaching a couple of weeks before. I quickly read through the short PDF and made use of some of the techniques on the date. One of them was to give the girl no reactions to whatever she said. No nodding, no agreeable sounds, no laughing, but just sticking to a slight smirk. The goal was to make her keep on qualifying herself. At the same time I was supposed to visualize kissing her neck and eye-fuck her. Later on I would ask Ms. L if she had noticed me doing these things to which she replied that she had been captured by my deep eye contact.
I pulled her to Jamesons pub after half an hour. This would usually be the point where I would at least try to go in for a kiss, but after having read the PDF I decided to change my approach. Instead of popping the bubble and losing the tension we had built up by kissing her, I held and caressed her hand. This way I could show her my affection without taking away the anticipation of the kiss. She enjoyed it while drinking white wine and I knew that this could result in a one-date lay if I played it right.
I used my usual excuse of showing her pictures on my laptop and giving her a false time constraint to get her back to my place. Eventually we were lying on my bed where I went in for the first kiss. There was no resistance at all, probably because of all the build up. The makeout got heavier and I pressed my knee between her legs. She was moaning and I took her hand and placed it on my crotch. At first she pulled away, but after a couple of tries she stayed there.
All in all it took me about an hour from the moment we were on my bed until we had sex. She said she didn’t want to because of her period, because of it being the first date and that there was no way I would take her pants off that night. But with a lot of persistence she got so horny to the point that she asked if she could have a shower before sex. Bingo! We had a quick shower together and got down to business right afterwards. She had never had a guy go down on her properly and so it took me barely a minute to make her orgasm the first time. She was also the first girl I’d slept with who could come just through sex – amazing!

I was a little disappointed that I only got to meet her so close to my departure. Nevertheless we spent two more beautiful nights together, of which one was at a hotel in downtown, her treat.
This lay and the two that happened in Vancouver proved to me once again how quickly things can happen if one just puts one’s mind to it.

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