Lay report #14, #15, #16 and #17

In front of me is an innocent looking girl sipping her tea. She is standing at the counter, waiting for her slice of cake to be served. Her blonde hair is tied to a ponytail, and she is wearing a long black coat together with a pair of black boots. They add a slight rebellious touch to her look.

Obviously I’m thinking of going up to her and telling her that she looks nice. I would then say that she looks suspiciously foreign, the way she is looking around the bar with big eyes. Maybe she would brush me off or not react. But maybe she would smile, tell me where she’s from or even hook right away by asking me where I’m from. There’s only one way to find out.

Daygame has become second nature. I’m constantly searching for women, watching what they’re wearing, how they walk, and how they’re behaving. Even on my days off, I’m thinking of approaching. It’s a gift and a curse at the same time.

By the way, this cafe I’m sitting in is located in downtown Melbourne. I just bought myself a vacuum cleaner (sometimes I feel like I have a fetish for cleaning my place) and before heading home, I thought I’d update my blog, seeing that I’ve finally got something to write about again.

But first, let’s go back to those first couple of weeks I spent back in Germany. I was living with my parents again which was tough and took me some time to get used to. I was still in Daygame mode, and so I bought myself a month’s train ticket to the closest city, Munich. Soon I had to realise, that it was unrealistic to achieve the same Daygame results in a city which took me an hour to get to. Even though I had some success, I was quickly burnt out and needed to find something else to keep me busy.

My fourteenth lay since the beginning of my pickup journey was a Spanish backpacker. I had front stopped her between Marienplatz and Karlsplatz, the busiest pedestrial area in Munich. She hooked right away and followed my lead, as I took her to a nearby cafe. I did the usual verbal and physical escalation, to which she responded well. I could sense, that a kiss would have been uncalibrated, and so I grabbed her number and rescheduled.

I won’t go into too much detail, as there wasn’t anything unusual about this report.

She met me a week later at a shisha bar. We went for a walk, bought some beer, and I quickly built up kino again along the way. We ended up in one of Munich’s beautiful parks, where a big group of people were dancing to salsa music. We were both tipsy, and the sexual tension had built up to a climax. It was the perfect moment for the kiss. My last train was about to leave, so we made arrangements for her to come and spend a day with me in my home village.

On the third date we spent most of the day down at the lake. The sun was scorching hot, and before we knew it, we were as red as lobsters. When we got back to my place things were pretty straight forward. My parents weren’t there (I had asked them not to be), and we went up to my bedroom. After watching a movie for some time, I started making out with her and let my hands wander over her body. She said, that she was on her period, so I told her we could have a shower. We got undressed, turned on the water and had sex.

As I said earlier on, I was getting burned out from pickup and bored from not doing anything else. My grandparents had come back to Germany from South Africa for a couple of months, and I decided to visit them in Hannover. I wasn’t just going to hop on a train or in a car though, because I needed to extend the trip, for some time on my own. A bicycle tour was the perfect combination of working out daily, seeing beautiful and new places every day, being outside in nature and being alone.
In Nuernberg I met a crazy Mexican guy, who was taking his bicycle tour to the next level. He was cycling from Paris to Moscow in the weeks and wanted to be there in time for the soccer World Cup final. Two weeks later I texted him and found out, that he had made it to Warsaw. That’s still a 2000 km trip in three weeks!
It took me nine days to get to my destination, and the moment I arrived, I was hit by the flu. It’s as if my body new, that it could finally rest and let the disease take control.
I visited a friend in Hamburg who showed me the famous “Reeperbahn”, Hamburgs red light district. We were approached by some very forward hookers, who reminded me of daygamers. For the first time I got to experience, what a woman must feel, when she is approached by a good daygamer. She wants to go along with it, but her rational forebrain keeps her from doing it.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, I was on my way to Cape Town to visit my dad’s parents. I stayed there for seven days before flying to Melbourne, my new home.
I arrived in Melbourne pretty late at night and was exhausted from the 18 hour long flight. When I finally got to the hostel, a bed was the only thing I wanted to see.

Two nights later the hostel bar was hosting a karaoke night. Whoever has been following my blog will know, that karaoke is my fucking jam.
A couple of girls sitting close to the stage were shocked, when they saw me come out of nowhere, grab the mic and begin to sing. I sat down at their table and started doing my usual spiel on the two of them. One was from Britain and the other from Canada. Eventually I decided to take things further with the brunette Canadian backpacker. She liked my fast escalation and was soon all over me. We went out for a cigarette, and I used the moment to pull her away from the crowd of people. She knew exactly, what I was about to do, and when I went in for the kiss she responded with a passionate makeout.
I had found an apartment to rent for two weeks and already had the keys. She was resisting all of my attempts though, to pull her into a cab. She didn’t want to loose her “international reputation”, whatever that’s supposed to be. After hours of fractionation, I finally gave up and settled for her Facebook contact. The only glimpse of hope I had, was a very invested note she wrote.

The next day I got out of the hostel early, and as I was standing in the tram, I saw her walking down the street. She looked like she was in a hurry to get somewhere. I texted her on Facebook and found out, that she had been late for her tour bus drive along the west coast of Melbourne. Later on in the afternoon she agreed to having dinner at my place, so I knew that she was down to have sex. She arrived, had some food, we started kissing, and it was game over.

The sixteenth lay since my arrival in Canada happened very unexpectedly.
When I was looking for apartments around St. Kilda, where I eventually moved to, I met a friendly Irish guy. As we were inspecting a flat, we talked and realised that we both had an appointment at the same next unit, and so we decided to just walk there together. He told me about his job experience, which just happened to match the company, where I was about to get hired. I referred him to my new boss, and the following week he was also hired by this company. We weren’t just about to become neighbours, but also colleagues!
He insisted on inviting me out for a pint one night, just as friends 😉. We did a pub crawl on Chapel street in South Yarra, an upscale suburb filled with cocktail lounges and eclectic bistros. Eventually we ended up in a packed pub, where people were dancing to classics from the 70’s and 80’s. I had no intention to hit on any girls, which probably made me more attractive anyways. I was leaning with my back against a table and watching the rooms dynamics, when a short, dark skinned american girl with curly black hair shaped to a lions mane was moving in my direction. The moment I saw her, I noticed that she was all about having fun. It was just that kind of vibe, that she was giving off. I wasn’t the only guy though, who’s attention she caught. A pissed dude started dancing up against her. At first she was loving it, but when he dropped down on his knees and rubbed his face between her legs, she brutally rejected him. I couldn’t control myself and was laughing at the scene. At this point I have to say, that she was definitely a yes girl on the hunt for the right guy. She saw me having a good time, came over, and all I had to do was to tease her a bit for her to hook. The sexual tension was there right away, and she loved dancing with her ass pressed against my crotch. I was getting hard, thinking about what was going to happen and how lucky I had gotten. She could feel me, and “accidentally” ran her hand over my pants, briefly grabbing my hard cock. She gasped and we made out passionately. It was time for the bounce. Her friend was trying to cockblock me, but luckily the horny girl listened to her own desires and got in a cab with me. By the way, she was a flight attendant who had accompanied her friend, who was moving to Australia, to Melbourne. We jumped right into bed and made sweet love for hours. She was submissive and liked it rough. Unfortunately, she flew back to the States a couple of days later.

Finally, my most recent lay, which was also my first Daygame lay in Melbourne, happened a week ago. I had met her in a grocery store close to my new apartment in Saint Kilda. She was standing in front of the gluten free products, not knowing what to buy. I went up to her and used one of Toms lines: “I know, this must be a decision of life or death, choosing the right gluten free meal, but I just had to say, that you look very nice today”. She hooked fairly quickly and told me, that she was from Germany. We switched to speaking German and I could feel, that it made her feel way more comfortable. Getting her number was easy.
The texting went really well and she agreed to see me the following evening. There was nothing special about the date. First venue coffee, second venue drinks and the I pulled her back to my place without much resistance. I had thought, that this would be an easy lay, but she was acting cold when we were on the bed. I tried getting through her LMR multiple times, but it didn’t get me anywhere. Eventually she went back to her hostel, and I was left back with blue balls. A quick relief of the built up tension was necessary 😉
Luckily she had enjoyed the date and came out on a second one. This time we met in front of Luna Park and walked to the beach. We had bought a six-pack of cider, sat down near the water and spoke about about deeper topics. After an hour I brought her back to my place again, but I could feel more resistance than on the first date. She complied anyway and I had to deal with the same LMR, when we were back on my bed. She said she couldn’t, so I asked her why. She was on her period. I told her it didn’t matter to me and that I had done it before. She finally relaxed and let me undress her. I went down on her, found the string and pulled on it, until there was nothing preventing me from fucking her brains out.

Although I’ve been regularly sleeping with new girls, I haven’t been happy with the quality of them. They were mostly easy to get into bed, and either as attractive or less attractive than me.
My current goal is to start dating girls who are hotter than me. It’s not looking too bad either. Ive got three leads, who are above my league. One of them is coming on a second date next week, another lady I’m seeing for the first time on Sunday, and the last one is also coming on a first date next week.

I’m back again!

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