Lay report #18 – Argentinian Actress

Sometimes I wonder, if I have become too obsessed with Daygame. It’s at times, when I feel like nothing else can make me happy.

I have been going through quite a rough time in the last couple of weeks, even though I have regularly had lays.
I was upset about the fact, that my flake ratio was so high. Even those girls, who had agreed to come out on a date would eventually cancel.

One of them had actually found this website, one day before our date. She had read a few of my stories and wrote to me, that she didn’t want to be part of my journey. Obviously, I was disappointed and very curious about how she had found it, but didn’t want to ask her. Ms. L, if you’re reading this, you should become a private detective 😉

The following weekend, I was out with some wings for a big session. The day had gone well, and we were in the midst of rewarding ourselves for the hard work with a pint, when I got an unknown phone call. There was a guy on the other end of the line, who was claiming that he’d met me a few nights before at some bar. I was exhausted after being on top of my game for an entire day, and my brain was refusing to work properly. I couldn’t remember where I’d met this guy. I could hear people chatting and giggling in the background, as I was trying to figure out what was going on. Then he put the phone down. I didn’t think much about it, but a few minutes later I got another call, this time from a private number. I picked up and again I could hear people giggling and laughing. A girls voice asked me, how many numbers I got a week from random people on the street. Finally, it clicked in my head and I realised that Ms. L was prank calling me with her friends. Then my phone rang a third time, and it was Ms. L personally on the other end. She told me, how disrespectful it was to write about girls the way I did. I tried to explain things and while I did so, I noticed how I was qualifying myself to her, and how I was losing the frame (actually I never had it in the first place) bit by bit.

I’ll be honest, I was feeling terrible after being shamed like that. It might not actually seem like a big deal to someone not involved, but being disrespected for something one is truly passionate about, is a shitty feeling. I don’t want to compare myself in any way to this amazing man, but I feel like I had gotten a tiny glimpse of what Julien Blanc must have felt like, when he was hated by the whole world and banned from several countries for what he was teaching men and women. No doubt, I deserved what happened to me, and let’s face it – it was bound to happen at some point. I guess I just wasn’t expecting it quite yet. It took me a few days to mentally recover, and Daygame surely had a therapeutic effect on me.

A day before that, I had done a short evening session in St. Kilda. Just before returning home, I spotted a South American chica rushing down the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street. She had a big smile on her face, so I accused her of looking suspiciously happy. She was on her way to meet some friends and didn’t have time for an instant date. I closed strong and left after perhaps five minutes of talking.

After the classic opening text, I sent her a photo ping of my breakfast the next day. She replied with a low invested “yummy!”, and I assumed that this would result in a flake. I matched her indication of disinterest by not replying for two days and then using Tom’s classic re-engage text “alive??”. This time she replied with a very invested text and so I went for the date request.

At this point I just felt like my best move would be to call her. She answered and suggested grabbing some drinks at the liquor store and drinking them at the beach, which was a big green light. We agreed to meet at 4 pm on the following Saturday.

On that day though, she suggested moving it to 6 pm, second green light.
I showed up with my backpack, saying that I’d need to bring the groceries back to my place first. She didn’t have any problem with that, and when we got to the flat, she even came inside and explored each room. I didn’t want to escalate that fast and risk loosing her, so I grabbed my wallet and we left again.

We bought four cans of bavarian beer at a nearby store and started walking towards the beach. She brought up the fact, that it wouldn’t be very clever to drink in that kind of a visible spot. So, we turned around and went to the botanical garden directly opposite my house.

Escalating was easy as we were both tipsy after two tall cans and nothing to eat. We spoke about pretty normal things, but I made sure to touch her and hold the seductive eye contact. She liked to talk a lot. I decided to go in for the kiss when she was in the middle of one of her speeches. I said “I agree Julia, but for the last five minutes I’ve only been able to think about what it would be like to kiss you.” She blushed a bit and started talking again, but I pulled her to me and she responded with a heavy makeout. Time for the bounce.

I gave her a false time constraint, and she said that she was still going to go out with friends, but that she could pop by quickly.

Back at mine, we drank some more wine, put on a movie, made out more and eventually had sex without any LMR. She couldn’t cum as she still had some emotional blockages, but finished me off with the most amazing blowjob I’d gotten in months.

We were both hungry after the workout and shared a pizza at abbey road cafe, my standard first venue. Then we went dancing at my typical second venue, where a DJ was playing funky tunes from the 80s. She was one of the few girls I’d met who sweated as much as I did. Exhausted and satisfied, we headed back to my place and snuggled up in bed. In the morning we fucked some more, and this time she also had an orgasm.

I’ve probably written this before, but game will always give you exactly what you need. After weeks of blue balls and flakes I’d finally gotten some sweet loving from a beautiful girl, and boy did it feel good.

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