My first SDL – lay report #19 & #20 – French Double Pack

About a month ago, three days after I had slept with the Argentinian girl, I managed to seduce a young French traveler. The reason I hadn’t written a lay report, is because there was really nothing special about this seduction.

I had number closed her a week prior, when she was sunbathing near Southbank. She was lying in the grass, reading a book. She hooked fast and soon gave me her Facebook contact, as she didn’t have an Australian phone number.

The date went as usual – first venue coffee, second venue drinks, third venue (my place) sex, no resistance. What’s worth mentioning though, is that I wasn’t getting any signals from her to keep on escalating. If I’d touch her, she wouldn’t touch back, and even when I was holding her hand, caressing it, she wouldn’t rub my hand back. Nevertheless, I just kept on going, to see if I’d hit a wall, but it didn’t happen.

That was one month ago and since then I hadn’t slept with a new girl. I got really close though with a very cute Australian football player, who I had met at Chadstone mall. She was fun to talk to and didn’t seem to take things too seriously. The texting went well and she responded with even better photo pings than I had.
This was the first picture. She wrote “just battling with the work cat”.

Her second ping was pretty funny too.
“Living on the edge of life today with double teabags”


She was even the first one to ask to meet up again.


When she met me at my standard first venue in Saint Kilda, she was wearing a short black skirt with a white top. She was prettier than I had remembered her.

The date went really well and we were lucky to have the same kind of humour – sarcasm. There were only a few moments when we were talking without a sarcastic undertone. I had no problems escalating, but after the second venue I barely managed to convince her to come to my apartment, even for just ten minutes. I hadn’t kissed her up to this point, to not burst the sexual bubble, but there had been a lot of hand caressing in the second bar.

At my place, we sat down on the couch to look at some pictures. After a couple of minutes I went in for the kiss, which slowly progressed to a makeout. Then, she pulled out her phone to call an Uber, so I quickly backed off, hoping she would think about it again. But it was too late and she had made up her mind. Her drive arrived a moment later, and off she went into the night.

When I arrived back from Tasmania, a week later, she didn’t agree to my second date request, saying that she’d had fun, but that she was still getting over a breakup. My plan is to hold on to the number for now, and to text her again in late December.

The reason I went to Tasmania, was to spend a few days with the Argentinian girl from lay report #18. It was good for me to switch off Daygame mode, even if it was just for three days.

Back in Melbourne, I realised that I hadn’t slept with a new girl in nearly a month. On Friday evening, a new wingman of mine, Mr. J, had a quick chat with me on the phone to tell me about his last dating experience. It was a dirty and quick instant date in the cbd. Hearing the ridiculous things he had done motivated me to get out there and hunt for my first SDL (same day lay).

I started off in Saint Kilda and did three approaches, which lead nowhere. The quality and quantity of girls just wasn’t good enough. I had to get over the limiting belief, that I wouldn’t be able to pull a girl I’d met in the cbd back to my place in Saint Kilda, the same night I’d met her.

It was close to 7 pm, when I jumped on a tram towards downtown Melbourne. I was still stuck in my head after work, and didn’t believe that anything would happen. Then, after five approaches, I finally got my first number, which gave me the little boost of motivation I needed. She was unfortunately on her way to meet friends, otherwise I would have asked for a quick drink.

With a glimpse of hope I continued my search, and spotted a dark haired French girl, who was smiling and on the phone. She wasn’t dressed sexy at all, wearing a blue down jacket, violet long pants and Salomon shoes, but her vibe was playful and fun. I stopped her by running and wheeling in front of her. Her eyes widened as I gave her the compliment and told her she looked too happy. I could sense, that she had already hooked. She fidgeted around with her phone for a while, until she gave me her full attention. I enjoyed standing there, non reactive, making her nervous. We had a short chat about her work and where she was from. She was 29, had spent most of her life in Marseille and was now working as a Biologist at the University of Melbourne. I had a deja-vu of the Dutch marathon runner, who had also worked in research at a university.

She was just on her way home and didn’t have plans, so I told her to join me in consuming some alcohol. She agreed, saying “why not” with the cutest French accent I’d heard ever.

I had Mr. J’s story in mind, which I can’t yet tell. My goal was to field test his experience and to see, if I could pull off what he had managed. For that reason, I took her to “the rooftop bar”, which lives up to its name. The venue was absolutely packed with people, and we were forced to sit close to each other on one of the big wooden stairs. It was ideal, seeing that I wanted to push for fast escalation. We got on well, and after only a few moments we were caressing each others hands. By the way, I got this technique from a guy called 60 Years of Challenge and its written in his PDF “Fearless, Relentless, Escalation”. I will link it below.

It was time to push things further with my new companion. The rooftop bar is just one of many venues in the building. Each floor has its own bar, and so I wasn’t even forced to leave the building to have a change in location. This was the plan all along, as Mr. John had pulled of his sorcery in a place called “The Toff in Town”, just a few floors below the rooftop bar. The unique feature of this venue was that it had dark booths, which one was able to close off with sliding doors from the rest of the bar. Mr. J had successfully gotten his date to give him a blowjob at their table in the booth they’d been in. Unfortunately, because he currently lives in Geelong, he wasn’t able to seal the deal. I, on the other hand, didn’t have any logistical excuses.

We ordered two fancy cocktails and split the bill. I had paid for the drinks at the rooftop bar and had actually said that she would pay the next round. The prices of the cocktails were ridiculous though, and I felt bad for making her pay for both.

Anyways, we found a booth for us, and it didn’t take long before we were all over each other and making out passionately. I had reached a peak in sexual tension, when I moved her hand to my crotch to feel how hard I was. She giggled as I closed the doors of the booth, so we’d have some privacy. As our makeout continued I opened my pants and put her hand on my cock. She pulled back, saying that it was too fast and that I couldn’t do that in public. I just agreed and kept on kissing her lips and neck, which turned her on even more. I could read on her face, that she wanted to keep on going, but also, that she was too uncomfortable to do it there.

The moment of truth had arrived. I had to convince her to jump on a tram to Saint Kilda, 30 minutes away from the cbd. Also, she had to work the next day. I had to risk it though, as the chances of her coming out on a second date weren’t good. The escalation had already gone too fast, and afterwards, she would have most likely felt bad about going along with it.

I seeded the bounce with my photo routine, promising to call a cab for her as soon as I was done. She agreed without thinking about it. I couldn’t believe it, and made sure not to count my chicken too soon. Only once we passed the station she had to get out at, did I relax and silently start to celebrate what I had achieved. Every few minutes she would say that this was wrong, and that we had to stop, but her eyes and hands were speaking another language.

Back at my place, I got through half of the pictures, still wanting to play it safe. Then, I put my laptop away and pushed things further. After a bit of LMR, nothing serious, just a bit of rolling off and agreeing that it was too fast and naughty, she gave in and let her instincts take control.

Finally, I’ve had my first Daygame-SDL since starting out in Calgary back in June last year. Sometimes, I still can’t believe how far I’ve come and what an amazing skillet I now have. It’s actually pretty funny, that the closest I ever came to a SDL, was with the first girl slept with. I guess #20 was just meant to be special 😉

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