Lay report #21 Finnish Rebel SDL

About a year ago I had bought myself a book called “Getting results the agile way”. I remember being frustrated, that I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, not just with Daygame, but with everything I was doing. I would read hustle classics like “The Game” by Neil Strauss or “Daygame” by Tom Torero and was wondering, how these guys were progressing so quickly.

Specifically with daygame, I would think about how many approaches I wanted to do, and how many numbers I wanted to get. But, by the end of the day, after 8 hours of work, I would feel tired and there would be no motivation, to get me to start a session. I had nothing to hold me accountable. This is where that book helped me make a change.

A big part of the book is based on setting outcomes for different periods of time. Three outcomes for the year, three for the month, three for the week and three for each day. One starts, by creating ones yearly outcomes, and splitting those into more achievable outcomes, during the shorter time periods.

Another core technique is called “Friday Reflection”, where one determines three things that went well, and three things that need improvement, for the past week.

There are many other great methods described in the book, but I found these two to be the most helpful.
Ever since I started applying this method of setting three outcomes for every day, I have had much bigger success in my Daygame.

These were the outcomes I had set myself last Thursday:

I wasn’t in the mood to do Daygame at all. I felt like I was getting sick, probably because my boss, who sits next to me, had been sneezing and coughing the whole day. I walked out of the office building and for a moment wasn’t sure, if I was still in Melbourne or in the middle of the Australian Outback. The sun was burning down and the air, which had heated up to 35° C, was completely still.

I drove my bicycle to Melbournes CBD, and my t-shirt was completely soaked with sweat by the time I arrived there. Nevertheless, my three outcomes were in the back of my head and kept me going.

The first five approaches were terrible – instant blowouts. It took me a couple of interactions to realize, that I was doing a beginner mistake. I simply wasn’t smiling at all. I decided to head into Bourke Street Mall, where there would at least be air conditioning, and where I wouldn’t have to wipe my sweat off my forehead, while trying to attract a girl.

I had my first decent set there, a greek looking brunette girl. The set was good, but her wedding ring kept her from agreeing to my number request. This gave me a glimpse of hope though, and must have had a huge impact on my vibe, because the next three sets all ended with contact information. There was a Californian looking Aussie, a focused Indian and a Danish girl with a Polish background. I did one more set, which didn’t go anywhere, but brought me up to ten approaches.

I still hadn’t achieved two of my outcomes though, the first one being “Getting two aussie or new zealand numbers”, and the second being “Whisper to one girl you’re gaming I would kiss you now, if we weren’t in public“. Considering the circumstances though, I was pretty proud of what I had achieved so far. That’s why I gave myself permission to go home, and to call it a day.

If you’re now thinking ‘What’s the point of setting yourself outcomes if you don’t achieve them’, let me explain. If I hadn’t set myself any outcomes, I probably wouldn’t have even bothered driving into the CBD, or doing any approaches. Often I set my outcomes higher, than what I expect myself to achieve. That way, I’ll at least perform average on a bad day. It sounds cheesy, but shoot for the stars, and you’ll reach the moon.

I walked back to Federation Square, where I had parked my bicycle. As I passed Flinders Street Station, I noticed a petite blonde girl (a 7/10 in looks) with a slight smirk on her lips, walking towards the bridge that crosses the Yarra river. She wore a tight fitting, wine red dress, that ended halfway between her butt and knees. I was waiting for the traffic light to turn green, while watching her move along. The goal of kissing a girl in a Daygame set popped back into my mind, and I had a good feeling about this girl. ‘Just one more’, I thought.

I quickly walked after her, fighting my way through the masses of tourists. It’s brilliant, that I don’t need to rely on the front stop anymore, as it would have been impossible to pull off anyways, without looking like a social retard. I came up from the side, and she loved the compliment and me teasing her about daydreaming. She told me, that she was from Finland, but that her roots were in Russia. I prepared myself mentally for a tough frame battle. If she was telling the truth, she had been travelling through Australia for a bit, but this was pretty much her first time out of Finland.

The set came to an end and I suggested grabbing drinks another time. She said “Sure, let’s go now!” I acted suspicious and teased her of not being able to wait. I hadn’t expected to be asked out on an instant date, and needed a moment to think. She had said, that she’d be leaving on Saturday, two days later. Whether this was true, or just her excuse to speed things up didn’t matter, because it was a green light in any case. I didn’t want to come across too needy though, and said that I could only come for 15 to 20 minutes.

We walked across the bridge, and I made fun of her being so small and faking her height with her shoes (they had 4cm soles). She laughed and punched my arm playfully.

I chose the next best cafe along the South side of the river to get our first drinks. She wasn’t really initiating any conversation, but we didn’t need it. Often I would just hold deep eye contact, until she would blush and ask “What?!”. Then I would just slightly turn my head away, continue smirking and ask her something.

The waiter came to take our order, and she got the exact same beer I asked for, following my lead. After him serving it, she filled half of her beer into a glass and downed it. I looked at her in disbelief and she said with a big smile: “What? I thought you have to leave in 15 minutes.”

She started asking me questions like ‘Do you want to get married? ‘, and ‘Do you want to have kids?’. I gave her an honest answer, saying that I don’t believe in marriage, but that I’d like to have children. I described in a cheesy way, how my kids would be. I said, that I’d raise my daughter to be like Britney Spears, so that I could one day make a profit of selling her hair, which she would shave off. She laughed, but told me that she hated marriage and didn’t believe in romance (big green light). “Fuck all of them.”, she said, referring to general society. ‘Interesting’, I thought.

We left the venue, and I told her to have one more drink with me at a bar in St Kilda, where I live. She declined and started walking the opposite way, without saying goodbye or giving me her number. I turned towards her and told her loudly to come back, which made some poeple stare at me. She was smiling and obviously enjoying the tease and drama. About ten meters away she finally stopped, and leaned against the railing looking out onto the river. I walked to her without saying a word, drilling her with my eyes. She pulled out two cigarettes and gave me one.

I thought about the outcome I had set myself, to whisper to a girl during a Daygame set, that I’d kiss her if we weren’t in public. This wasn’t a Daygame set anymore, but good enough. I leaned in, spoke slowly, then backed off again. To be honest, I can’t remember exactly what she said, but a few moments later I went for the kiss, and she didn’t resist. I stopped before she could and she asked, if that was all. “For now”, I said.

The entire time she was being extremely sarcastic, not giving me clear answers. I asked her, what she thought of Australian guys, and she replied that she had never been on a date. “Bullshit”, I said, but she stood to her answer, smiling at me and saying that she was a virgin. I couldn’t read her at all, not knowing whether she was telling the truth or not. She was too hot and didn’t look young enough, to not have had sex. I asked her how old she was, and she said that she was sixteen, but this time I could tell, that she was lying. She was trying to make me feel guilty for doing something illegal. I blamed her of having a terrible influence on me.

After the cigarette and beer I wasn’t hungry at all, and used that as an excuse to go for another drink. We started walking along the river towards The Den, a secluded cocktail bar, and the best second venue I’ve found in Melbourne so far.

I told her, that we had to blend in with the crowd, and that they weren’t allowed to know, that we had just met twenty minutes ago. I grabbed her hand and she said that this was so romantic, obviously being ironic. It was the perfect setup for a parody chode routine I had read in “Fearless, Relentless, Escalation” by 60 Years of Challenge. It went something like this:

“I know, I want to make this as romantic as possible! We’re going to hold hands, while we’re walking along the river. Then I’ll take you to a beautiful park, where I will buy you some balloons. We can let them fly into the air, free, just like our hearts! Then we’ll go to the beach and watch the sunset and hold hands some more” At this point she was giggling and hooked her arm into mine. Then I looked at her with a devious smirk and said: “Or, we can just go to a bathroom in that place over there and fuck”. To my surprise, she looked at me, grinned, and said: “Okay, let’s go!” Because she had been so sarcastic up to this point, I didn’t know if she meant it or not. In hindsight, I should have just taken her hand and lead, but I was too afraid of over-escalating. Realistically, the worst thing that could have happened, would have been her not following, and us instead just carrying on to the second venue, as planned. Risk being creepy! I need to remind myself of that more often.

We arrived at The Den, where she again ordered the same drink as me, so I teased her of being a sheep. There wasn’t much communication going on, as she wasn’t asking me anything about myself. I initially took this as an IOD (indication of disinterest), but then, after I had asked her something, she said: “Why do you want to know that? The less we know about each other, the better”.

By this point it was obvious. It had been in front of my nose the whole time. She wanted to have quick and unconditional sex. I just didn’t want to believe it, first of all because I had never met a girl like this, and secondly because she supposedly was a virgin. I couldn’t understand why a virgin would want to have sex with someone, who she knew wouldn’t stick around. Nevertheless, I finally switched off my forebrain, and started thinking about where I was going to fuck her. I decided to guide her into the bathroom, after I’d paid for the drinks.

Our makeouts got heavier, I pulled on her hair and ran my hand down her back to her gorgeous, tight ass. I still didn’t know how old she really was. We finished our cocktails and stood up. I opened my mouth to tell her, that I was going to use the bathroom, but she had the same idea and said it before I could. As we got closer, I reached out my hand for her to grab, but she was already too far away. She laughed at me and walked into the ladies toilet. ‘Fuck’, I thought. ‘Okay, try to get her to your place’.

We left the venue, and I started walking towards the tram station, without telling her, where we were going. I seeded the bounce by telling her that I wanted to show her some pictures. I still didn’t want to call out the fact, that we were going to have sex, even though all lights were flashing bright green. I wanted her to feel, like she was the one leading things to the bedroom.

We got to the tram station and waited for a bit, while making out heavily. The tram arrived, and a crowd of people got out, blocking the way to the doors. We let everyone pass, but by the time we found a gap through the masses, the doors had locked. As the tram drove off, I almost lost my cool, knowing that I was running out of options. But there it was, a gift from the Daygame gods. She said: “Let’s go to my hostel, it’s not far away.” On the inside I was laughing like a child in a candy store. I kept my shit together though, looked at her with hungry eyes, and said: “Okay, but I’m only showing you my pictures, I don’t have sex on the first date.” She asked: “Are you really going to show them to me?” What comes now was one of my favorite moments. In the lowest and slowest voice, and with the cheekiest smile I’d had the whole evening, I said: “Yes, I’m going to show you every… fucking… one of my pictures.”

At some point during the walk, she actually revealed her age. She was 21, which made me even more suspicious of her being a virgin.

It took a while to get to her place, because she couldn’t remember where it was, but eventually we found it. As we waited for the elevator, I teased her about wanting to kill me and steal all my organs, to which she agreed. I asked her, how she was going to dispose of my body, and she said that she’d figure it out along the way.

We got into the elevator and started making out passionately, as soon as the doors closed. After half a minute of playing with her I realised, that she hadn’t pushed the button to her floor yet. I teased her of being dirty for wanting to do it in there. She giggled, pressed the button, and the cabin started moving.

When she opened the door to her dormitory, we were both on our toes, not knowing if her roommate was there or not. It was dark, but we couldn’t hear a noise. With the lights off, she walked to one of the bunk beds and started undressing herself. I came over to her, threw her on the bed, and slowly kissed her, starting at her neck, then down to her nipples and working my way all the way to her pussy. She moaned heavily as I eased my finger inside of her, and I noticed how tight she was. For a few minutes, I pleasured her with my tongue and fingers, while thinking how crazy this actually was. I had known this girl for less than two hours, and here I was about to make love to her, while her roommate could walk in at any moment.

As I rolled the condom on, she said, for the first time with a serious undertone: “Please go slow, I really am a virgin”. We had sex for about five minutes, until I stopped because of the pain she was in. Once again I went down on her and licked her, until she came all over my mouth.

We lay there for a few minutes, and I asked her when she knew, that she wanted to have sex with me. As cheesy and ridiculous as it sounds, she said it was the moment I stopped her. She told me: “I knew, that you would be great in bed.” It’s actually no surprise, as I must have been radiating a confident, bad boy vibe after a session of ten approaches. I asked her, why she hadn’t slept with a Finnish guy. “Because they’re all douchebags.”

After I stood up, I grabbed her hair at the back of her head and gently pulled her towards my dick. She was talented, considering the lack of experience, and made me cum hard after a few minutes, swallowing every drop.

We got dressed and had another smoke at the window of her room. As we were watching the cars and people move in the dark, four stories below us, I felt like it was us two against the rest of the world. It was a weirdly beautiful moment, which I’ll never forget.

There are many lessons I learned that evening, but I think that one of them stands above all. The fact, that a bad day can turn into a phenomenal day. All one needs to do, is to be in the right place at the right time, and be willing to put in a little bit of work, despite not feeling like it.

2 thoughts on “Lay report #21 Finnish Rebel SDL

  1. Nice SDL Rob! Have you guys kept in touch after?
    How is the Australian daygame compared to Canada overall? I’ve heard it is a bit easier in general
    Around what times during the day do you usually dg? I do find the 4-7PM range very good for foot traffic but sometimes harder for instant dates (except Saturday) however 12-3 does not have much foot traffic usually


    1. Hi Alex, as you’ll be able to tell from my Daygame Statistics post, my number to date ratio has decreased quite a bit since arriving in Australia.
      Apart from that, Daygame has gotten better, but I think it’s mainly due to my improved skillset!
      Where do you live?
      I find it doesn’t really matter in Melbourne, what time I go out. The CBD is always packed with people.
      Both SDL’s so far happened after 7pm. If you’re going for that, the later the better. If your intention is just a 15 minute coffee date, anytime during the day before 6 pm should be fine.


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