Lay report #26 – My soul mate??




“It’s like a best friend, but more. It’s the one person in the world, that knows you better than anyone else. It’s someone who makes you a better person, well, actually they don’t make you a better person…you do that yourself, because they inspire you. A soulmate is someone, who you carry with you forever. It’s the one person who knew you, and accepted you, and believed in you before anyone else did, or when no one else would. And no matter what’ll always love them.”

Quoted from here.

A couple of weeks ago I met up with my friend Mr. A for another Daygame session. We had been gaming non stop for the previous month, and were both feeling the fatignuess of continuously hustling. I asked him, why we were doing all of this, and where it would end. What were our goals? How long did we want to continue approaching, texting, dating and fucking? He suggested sitting down, to have a chat about all of this.

What should have been a conversation about what our goals for pickup are, instead turned into an extensive chat about a vision for my future. Mr. A got me to open up about the things, that were truly important to me. He asked the right questions to get me to dig deeper and deeper into the purpose of my life. While I was talking, I noted my thoughts on my phone, so that I could apply any ideas.

After a two hour chat we came to a conclusion. I knew for sure, that I wanted to become a Daygame coach, and that I wanted to work for charity, until the time when I could just live off of my business. This meant me quitting my job at the engineering company. So, I called the fundraising agency to make sure that I had a job lined up, and told my boss I’d be leaving the following day.

I continued to work on my vision and purpose, and had it framed. I look at it every day and read it out loud, knowing that it will manifest itself one day. I also created a vision board with images of how I picture my future self. I used this video as a guide to create all of it.

For a moment I just forgot, why I wrote all of this down. I think I now know a part of the answer to my question, about what all of this continuous hustling is good for. I think it’s meant to prepare me mentally for the kind of woman, who I could imagine spending the rest of my life with. Now obviously, that still lies far away. I’m 24 years old now, and I plan on having a partner when I’m 35, but surely not earlier than 30. Nevertheless, I’m already starting to get a glimpse of what that kind of woman will be and feel like.

Let me introduce you to Ms. M, a highly spiritual Egyptian. She has brown eyes, long dark hair and an athletic body. When she looks at you, it feels a bit like she’s looking right into your soul, and like she knows you better than most people.

I met her on new years eve, when the boys and I were once again on a mission to get laid. We were walking down Acland street towards the beach, when Mr. R spotted a cute dark haired girl standing at the tram station. “Go, challenge!”, he demanded, taking the decision whether to talk to her or not, out of my control.

I opened direct, but teased her right away about having a dark side to her (she was wearing a leather jacket). She seemed to like it and hooked pretty quickly, without me having to vibe much. I would have tried to instant date her, but she was on her way to meet friends in the cbd to watch the fireworks. The number close was strong and it felt like a solid set.

I texted her the next evening and we pinged back and forth for the next week. I set up an evening date at 7pm on the following Sunday, to which she agreed. Little did she know, that I’d already been on two dates just moments before. I had seen an Iranian girl at 4 pm, and an Australian girl at 5:30 pm. I loved the expression on their faces, when I suddenly ended the dates, as they must have usually been the first ones to end them. Regardless, I was in a good and non needy mood by the time I got to see Ms. M.

Once again, I pulled off my standard dating model (1st venue Abbey road cafe, 2nd venue Big Mouth, then back to mine). She liked speaking about spiritual topics, and she already let me know in the second venue, that she knew who her “twin flame” was. This is supposedly the person you’re meant to be together with for life. She said, that he wasn’t ready for her yet, but that they’d get together one day. I didn’t really understand what she was talking about, as I’d never heard of that term. Then, she called me her “soulmate”, something I had heard before. This was getting a little serious, so I flipped the script and told her, that that sounded like too much of a commitment. She laughed and later on even told me, that she’d liked my sarcasm and humor. I remember touching her ankle to ask her about the bracelet she was wearing. She reacted by coming closer to me, and I knew that it was time to take her home.

Back at mine she wandered around and found a letter my German friend had sent me. This friend used to play the piano, while I’d play the trumpet, and I was kind of attracted to her, but didn’t know how to play the game back then. Nothing sexual ever ended up happening, but we’ve stayed in contact ever since. I read and translated a few sentences to Ms. M, and she came to the conclusion, that this girl was my “twin flame”. Then, out of nowhere, she grabbed her stuff and left my place. I did manage to kiss her on her way out though.

Luckily, the next day she was the first to start texting. I replied with a photo ping and she went silent again for days.

Because of my abundance though, I wasn’t even thinking about her and just carried on with my life. Three days later, I remembered and tried to call her. She didn’t pick up, but called me back 30 minutes later, and we set up a date for the following Saturday. Unfortunately she flaked that day and nothing happened for a few days.

I re-engaged with a ping and this time she answered with a lot of investment.

A few days later she actually called me, asking to set up another date.

We met on a Tuesday evening, and I had seeded the idea via text of her coming to my place for some cake. But first, we grabbed some beers at the liquor store and walked to the park, where we sat opposite each other in the grass. The topics got deeper and more emotional, while we were smoking cigarettes and drinking our cheep booze. We spoke about our families, upbringing and past, and started to connect on a more emotional level. Often she would physically engage by touching my wrists or hands. The signals were getting stronger, and I was pretty sure we’d have sex that night. After we finished our beer, we went back to my place.

I can’t remember using any excuse to bait her, but that was because I had built enough trust. She sat on my bed and was choosing the music, when I went in for a kiss again. She turned her head away and said, in her cute Egyptian accent: “No, we can’t.” I’m not going to lie – quite a bit of that evening is a blurr to me, but I think that we were pretty soon making out on my couch.

At some point she got up again and wanted to leave. I didn’t hold her back and let her go. A few minutes later though, I noticed that she’d forgotten to give me the sticky tape I’d asked her to bring me. I needed it to stick my vision board to my wall.

I gave her a call and she actually came back to bring it. She came in and said, that she needed the washroom. I sat down on the couch, grabbed her earphones and listened to the music she’d been playing. The song was called “So Good At Being In Trouble” by “Unknown Mortal Orchestra”. I closed my eyes and just let the music take me away. She came out of the bathroom, sat down next to me, and we each plugged one earphone in. Our makeout got heavier again, and this time it just felt right. I told her that we should cuddle on my bed for ten minutes, before she left. She agreed and as we were lying on it, her hands started wandering. I didn’t even have to guide her hand down to my crotch, because she did it all by herself. Eventually, our hands were inside each others pants, pleasuring each other. She was really wet, just from kissing and cuddling. I made an attempt to pull down her pants, but she still stayed persistent and said that we can’t. Then she got up, put on her clothes and left again.

I wasn’t frustrated or anything though, because I knew that we’d had an “it’s on moment”. We had seeded me coming over to hers for a tarrot card reading many times 😉.

The next day, I initiated the texting with a picture of my cake, that had molten (it was 39°C). She responded with a screenshot of one of the songs we’d listened to while making out, a very good signal!

On Friday I sent her the date request, asking how busy she was Saturday night and used the $1 gift as a reason to see her. I said I’d give her a $1 gift in exchange for the sticky tape she’d brought me, one of Tom’s tricks to make a girl invest more. She just responded “not busy” – bingo!

The following evening I walked over to her place, and I found her wearing a tight striped dress, that ended just under her butt. She gave me a tour and showed me the living room, bedroom 😜, and bathroom. We sat down on her couch, had some snacks and went out to smoke every now and then. After a while she said, that she wanted to change her dress, because she didn’t want me to see her underwear. She got up and went into her bedroom to get changed, but left the door open. As I’m writing this I’m realising, that she probably wanted me to come inside, while she was undressed, and start fucking her. Oh well, I’ve learned for next time.

When she came back, there was really not much seduction material I had to run, as she had already made up her mind. After half an hour of talking, making out, rolling off and so on, she eventually got up and said: “Robin, fuck me!”, as she lead me to her bedroom.

The sex was wild and passionate, as there had been so much buildup. We made love (I really mean we made love) basically everywhere, except for the bathroom. In her bed, on the couch, on the kitchen counter and on her floor.

I had recently read in a book called “The Superior Man” by “David Deida” how powerful it can be, not to orgasm (as a man). I told her, that I was not going to cum for her, which seemed to turn her on even more. At first she tried to make me orgasm even harder, but then she started to like the idea, that I was keeping my energy by not cumming. We fucked for hours, and then again in the morning.

At some point she grabbed my head, looked deep into my eyes and said: “Robin, I love you”. I had always been open to the idea of being able to love multiple people, because I don’t see love as a commitment to one person. I told her, that I loved her as well, and our sex got even better after that. I made her cum twice, something supposedly neither her ex husband, nor her twin flame had managed.

I want to encourage anyone reading this (especially men) to read “The Sex God Method” by “Daniel Rose”, the best book I’ve ever read on what’s important for good sex.

I will follow up shortly with the previous lay reports. I just hadn’t written about them yet, because there wasn’t anything outstanding about them.

One thought on “Lay report #26 – My soul mate??

  1. What I love about this is despite the strategy and black book of hidden agenda, you remain true and your authentic self throughout contact; such a beautiful soul 🙂


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