Summary of recent lays

The reason I haven’t been writing extensive lay reports lately, is because there really wasn’t anything unusual about them – at least in comparison to the lays I’ve already written about.
Nevertheless, I want to quickly jot down who the girls were, how I met them, and how I got them into bed
(I just had to write down a note and seriously think about who these girls were again).

My 22nd lay was a Croatian girl I’d met before the Christmas holidays. She was hanging out with her gay friend, when they came to talk to me outside the rooftop bar on Swanston Street. It was already 3am, and I was waiting for the French girl from lay #20 to come and meet me. When she arrived, I took her, this new girl and her gay friend to a karaoke bar, where we had lots of fun. I wanted to take both girls home with me that night, but I couldn’t convince the Frenchie, because she was jealous. So instead, I just grabbed the Croatian girls number. The following day she came out to see me. I did my usual dating routine and ended up sleeping with her that night.

As soon as the Christmas holidays arrived, me and my wings started gaming hard. On Christmas eve we were hustling on the streets of St Kilda. I approached a 35ish year old high-school teacher from Sydney and got her to come to my standard first venue. Two hours later she was naked in my bed.

Another week or so later I was out in the cbd for a session of 10 approaches. I was really just collecting some more leads, when I spotted a heavily tattooed (which I love) girl at a tram stop. She was a 27 year old American, travelling and had just come from a beer tasting. She didn’t hesitate one little bit, when I asked her to grab a quick drink with me. The following 4 hours were some of nicest I’ve spent with a random girl in quite a while. We first had a drink at the rooftop bar on Swanston street, where I seeded the idea of going to St Kilda. When I mentioned the penguins one could see after sunset, she couldn’t resist. Because of the fact that she was coming all the way there, even though she had a flight to Sydney at 8 am to catch the next day, I was sure that she was down to fuck. So, after watching the penguins, we had something to eat, went back to mine and had sex. Once again I had proved to myself how fast I can seduce a decent looking girl.

It must have been the following weekend, when some wings and I went out for a proper nightgame session. For me it was the first I was going out with an actual plan on how I could get laid. We had watched some of Todd Valentines material to give us a basic understanding of which phases there were throughout the night.

Phase 1 went until about 12:30am. In this phase the goal was to have short and good interactions with many girls, keeping each set no longer than ten minutes. Ideally we’d then exchange numbers with those girls to follow up with in phase 2.

Phase 2 would be all about committing to one set and trying to pull the girl. This girl could be either a new set (after 12:30am), or a set one had gotten the number from before 12:30am.

If Phase 1 and 2 had failed, one could dive into phase 3 (after 3am), when most girls were out on the street and ready to go home. Here the only objective would be to have short interactions with girls whose buying temperature was high, with the goal of getting them into a cab or uber ASAP.

Luckily, on our night out, I didn’t need to dive into phase 3. I had gotten a few girls numbers in the first phase of the night and one of them ended up meeting up with me at another club. There, I sat down with her, did some physical escalation and lead her out of the venue around 3am. We hopped in a cab, went to hers, and fucked. That was my first proper night game lay.

Meanwhile I had been dating the girl I’d met on new years eve, who ended up being lay #26 on a third date.

Two weeks ago, me and some classmates from the hospitality course I’m doing went out for drinks. After a lot of alcohol and visiting a gay club in Fitzroy, I ended up with a very chubby Swedish girl from my course in my bed.

I was extremely hungover the next day, and only managed to get out of bed in the afternoon. I had to get into the city for some Daygame coaching, so I quickly jumped in the shower and had an espresso. Me and my student hustled until about 8:30pm, when he had to leave. I was going to meet a bird I’d met through Daygame at 11pm, but I didn’t have anything planned until then. I didn’t want to rely on her coming on the date, because I’d learned from many previously cancelled dates. So instead, I went hunting for a late evening instant date. After about five approaches I got lucky with a 28 year old Australian girl. She had just come from a mediocre tinder date and was on her way back to St Kilda, where she lived (Bingo!). After a short conversation, I convinced her to join me for a drink, while letting her know that I was meeting friends later on (false time constraint). We had one drink at the rooftop bar (Swanston Street) and then went for karaoke, which is always a surprise to girls. After that, we hopped on a tram, went back to hers, smoked weed, and fucked.

As I’d presumed, the girl I was supposed to meet at 11pm canceled. A year ago, I would have probably waited for that girl, thinking she would come to see me, and would have ended up having a very disappointing night.

The next evening I had a second date with a hot blonde Australian girl planned. Our first date had just been coffee in the middle of the day in the cbd. This time I was going to take her to my two standard venues, and try to pull her to my place. To my surprise though, she called me two hours before to let me know that she was tired and rather wanted me to come to her place. She said she had alcohol, food, cigarettes and that we could take a bath in her jacuzzi. Obviously I said yes, hardly believing my luck. It was an open invitation to fuck her, no games needed to be played. Knowing that the evening would result in a fantastic ending, I took things slow and enjoyed every moment. The house was huge and had a lot of expensive and old furniture. It belonged to her parents, but they were on vacation. Anyways, we drank, we ate, we bathed and it was all great, but what happened then was very unexpected.

Things were getting hot as we were lying in her bed, but for some reason I couldn’t get myself ready. She asked what was wrong, and if it was her fault, which sadly had an even worse effect on my situation. I was beating myself up for not being hard, trying to make it happen more, which only lead to me getting less relaxed and less horny. It was a downwards spiral. I think I was just out of sexual energy, after getting laid twice in a row both previous nights.

I was expecting never to see her again, but luckily she had gotten a short glimpse of my dominant side in bed, which she really liked. She was very submissive and wanted to be treated like a little slut. For that reason she met me again two nights ago, and this time the sex was amazing. I tied her arms up behind her head, which gave her dark red marks on her skin. She was so in to it, that she wants me to do it again tomorrow night.

Getting laid three nights a in a row was another milestone on my Daygame journey and something I wanted to share with you guys. I hope this will inspire all of you to start or keep on taking action!

I will try to make sure, that the next lay is something special, as it will be my 30th girl since starting this mission back in June 2017.

4 thoughts on “Summary of recent lays

  1. Quick question, I can see you get a lot of daygame results. How did you get good so quickly I.e how many approaches etc and how often did you game
    Very motivating read

    KV from london


    1. Thanks for the question KV.
      Here are a few things that stand out:
      – I was never spam approaching girls. After every approach I would think about what went well and what went wrong, and try not to repeat the same mistakes.
      – I had a wing to help me get through beginners hell, where approach anxiety kicks in a lot. Nowadays I don’t have anxiety anymore, but rather apathy or laziness. Eventually you’d need to start Daygaming alone more often, because that’s where you really get into the flow. A wing can help you though to do crazier approaches, like two sets, shop assistants, girls in cafés, and so on.
      – I stuck to one mentor, in my case Tom Torero, and only applied his theory. One thing I notice these days with a lot of beginner gamers here in Melbourne, is that they either haven’t learned any theory, or they get confused by following too many coaches advice. Stick to one and you will get results. When you get to the point, where you feel that you can’t learn anything especially new from that person, only then start following other mentors.
      – I went all in. For one year game was my top priority, the only thing I was thinking about, apart from working and staying alive. In order to do that, I first of all had to move to a city, and second of all wanted to move somewhere, where nobody would know me, and where I could “Design” my new personality without any of my old friends or family members trying to hold me back. That’s why I moved to Canada for a year. After that year I realized that I needed to invest some more time to sharpen my skill set, which is why game is still my top priority right now.


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