Free Coaching

If you are currently living in or around Melbourne and want to be coached in Daygame, then I am the right person for you.

The first hour of coaching is free, for every extra hour I charge $30.

What you will learn:

  • How to talk to any woman in any situation
  • I will be listening to you talk to girls live via a Bluetooth microphone, and be able to give you immediate feedback
  • Getting over your approach anxiety, and learning how to deal with it in solo sessions
  • The London Daygame Model, from opening to getting her number
  • Letting women know what you want from them (open strong, close strong)
  • Talking to moving, sitting and standing girls, whether they’re lying on the beach, chilling out in a bookstore or rushing home from work
  • Text and Date game
  • And much more…

What you will get:

  • A friendly kick in the ass

The reason I’m offering free coaching for the first session, is because I believe that a lot of young guys who want to learn this valuable skillset simply can’t afford to attend a professional coaching session or a boot camp. Also, I will only truly get good at this, if I start teaching other people.

After having done 1150+ approaches in one and a half years, the value even I can offer someone who is just starting out on this crazy adventure, is tremendous.


I asked Aaron to describe his experience with me coaching him, and this is what he sent me:

Before I met Robin, I had been day-gaming for two months with non stop approaching. By doing this spam-approaching, I was able to get rid of a few of the mistakes beginners make, such as getting over approach anxiety or ejecting the set too early. In the last two months, I had been able to get loads of numbers, but most of them flaked and it was extremely frustrating.

Robin and I met, when I approached a girl he was just about to talk to. He offered to coach me after I explained my frustration. Robin was able to pick out a few things in my game, just minor things, that completely flipped the entire interaction I was having with girls. After applying his tips, the girls started to actually invest more, and were having more fun in the interaction. I could now feel a massive difference in the dynamic of my conversations.

If you have been gaming for a while, but feel like you’re running in circles, I truly recommend not to waste anymore time, and to seek out Robins help. He will be able to give you quick and easy advice, which you can apply to your day game immediately.

Meisam sent me some feedback without me even asking for it!

In the days of “natural game”, his structured approach to game is really refreshing. He teaches fundamental techniques, that will massively improve your ability to attract women. Unlike many other coaches, he also teaches what to do on dates and what to write in texts. In addition to that, he is not afraid of demonstrating his teaching and is able to actually show you everything he talks about. I have personally benefitted greatly from his coaching.

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